Filter Residential: Imagine A Smoke-Free Wales

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Have you ever been on a residential? I have. They’re quite fun. Wicid and ClicOnline have held a few residentials in the past and I kid you not, they are always very memorable. But it’s not Wicid or CLIC we are here to talk about today; it’s The Filter.

The Filter is holding a free, three-day residential on the first weekend of September to get young people involved with discussions around ‘imagining a smoke-free Wales.’ The weekend, which will be held at Aberystwyth University, will involve Cut Films film-making workshops, lively talks from Natasha Devon of Body Gossip, as well as active discussions around smoking and tobacco use in Wales. There will be lots of free time in the evenings with plenty of activities pencilled in.
The weekend, 6th – 8th September, is open to any youth groups or provisions that have members aged under 25. They are welcoming 11 to 17 year olds as regular attendees and ask that anyone over 18 acts as a volunteer with The Filter or their youth group.

The Filter say: ‘Whether your young people smoke or not, we are sure they’ll have something to say on the subject and will enjoy our packed residential weekender. There’s a limited number of spaces left and the closing date for applications is Monday 12th August, so get them to us ASAP.’

If you don’t know what a residential is, it’s basically a weekend where you do something for a project (The Filter being the project in question) over a period of time where you stay somewhere as a resident. It’s nothing like school and there are always activities to do and friends to make, so it’s a fun way to learn.

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Hope to see you there.

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