Fine Line Between Love and Hate

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Love is…
Love is, happiness?

The word “love” was invented. It was created for a more powerful meaning that care or compassion. Years and years ago, people used to say “I care a lot about you” or “I have so much compassion for you…” But it seems like one day, someone sat down thinking “Hold on a moment, I care for this person way more than I expected. I cannot just keep on saying the same thing over and over”, and they decided to name the stronger feeling “love”.

Over the years, love has become something which people take for granted and over-use. Everyone in the world has love for someone, more likely their parents or a sibling or a family member which more often or not forced upon because it seems like you have to love them. Unconditional love, that is. Which everyone feels everyday. However, people constantly say “I love chips” or “I love football” This is not love, as the feeling. This is an admiration of an object or activity or something which someone really likes. We over use the term “love” in this perspective because people say it this way more than 20 times a day! Which is, believe it or not, a fact!

Love of a person, say a boyfriend/girlfriend is yet another completely different thing. You see someone on the street or maybe in school, or even someone who you just met and think you have these sudden strong feelings for them. Well, this is a way of you reacting to someone you fancy, or are attracted to. It is not love, as love has to take time to grow, not seconds or minutes. Not even days or weeks for that matter, it takes months and maybe years for love to grow. You may feel like you love someone, but it takes a long time. Therefore most adults do not understand the reason why teenagers (of all people) think they love someone. They believe that us teenagers are just fools, and are convinced that we do not know the meaning of love and cannot come to terms with the fact that we fall for people much easier than we would if we were 10 years older.

Teenagers are emotional wrecks at heart, who search for that special someone that they think they will spend the rest of their lives with. Even though this seems ridiculous to most people, most teenagers included, when they find that “special someone” they hold onto them and they don’t let go. For this reason, I think it’s why most teenage based relationships work out. Simply because they drain everything they can out of that one person because they are afraid that they will live and die alone. I believe that nearly everyone has been through this.

Love can happen at any age, at any time in any place. It is not something that happens straight away, however. For instance, you cannot click your fingers and be in love…

Love takes time to grow, and develop. Like most people do, we grow and develop, much like in the same way as love does. However, love is not an actual person.

You learn to love someone because believe it or not, you do actually learn from mistakes and promises and so on. But you can’t make out the future. Quite frankly, no one can make sure their future is great either.

Once you’re in love, you think you are on top of the world. Like nothing can get you down or nothing can take the great smile from your grinning face. But like I said, nobody knows the future, and you should be prepared for that smile to disappear. As depressing as it sounds, this is true even though most people in the whole world do not do it.

Anything can turn and go bad. A great day out with a boyfriend/girlfriend could turn into an argument, simple or in depth, it can destroy all you’ve built in a matter of minutes. You could have built a whole year of love, and within an hour it can all disappear. It’s weird how it works, because you genuinely believe that it’s going to work out for the rest of your life.

Once that has happened, you don’t know what to do. You’re all confused and baffled; you don’t know what to say or who to turn to.

A friend, who I have asked for a personal response to the meaning of love said:
“Love comes in many ways. By far the most painful type of love is the one people most associate the word with – the love between two people who are bound together by nothing more than attraction. Love makes us blind to what we want and who we are. Love makes fools of us all.”
My friend has a very good point. It makes us blind, to what we want and even to who we are. We change for those people, the things that maybe mean the most to us, or make us who we are. Therefore, when that special person is gone we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have changed who we are for that person, and it seems like they have no interest or no care at all for the matter.

There is a major thin line between love and hate. The line can be crossed at any moment within the building blocks of a relationship. You go from two people who cannot go a moment without thinking about each other, to two people who do not wish to see that person again, or maybe wish away. The people who wish that other person away do not seem to understand how much it hurts for that person to feel that way.

Love seems great when you’re in it, but as soon as you cross that line, it’s gone.
Most of the time, it doesn’t come back. For the lucky ones, it does. But not many people seem to be that lucky.

Don’t take what you have for granted, treasure it and care for it. You don’t realise what you have until it’s gone.

Thank you for reading this!

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