Fireworks – Are they Worth it?

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What are you prepared to pay for a fireworks display?

Have a look at this video and tell me if it’s worth it for one day of the year, or even this one

I don’t want to be a kill joy, if you’ll excuse the pun, but every year the messages are the same but it would appear no one listens or do they think ‘it will never happen to me’.
Just think of the people you know in your area who have had a bad experience with fireworks, and then think of how many in the UK have had the same problems which will affect them not only now, but in the future as well.

The worst nightmare, again another unintended pun, is to receive the call that tells you your son, daughter or close friend has been unnecessarily injured due to fireworks. If you want to watch your hard earned money going up in smoke, I have got to stop these awful puns creeping into this article, then go to an organised event and save a fortune, but more importantly stay safe. Is it really worth the risk?
So keep an eye out, sorry that’s the last one, for these organised events, which will be many over the next two weeks, and stay out of hospital, who have enough to do without looking after people who have injuries that could have been avoided.

If you find it necessary to have your own fireworks display, then follow the safety code. 
You can download a safety poster HERE Print it out and raise awareness

Just listen to the advice from ‘The Management’.  Remember, fire has no respect for people or property and exists for the sole purpose of giving heat and cooking steaks, well that’s my definition anyway. So don’t become the kebab that is cremated on the bar-b-q, you have seen what that’s like, it always ends up in the bin not wanted by anyone.


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