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In a town within the countryside there was a very old mine, in the mine there were crystals way inside that were growing somehow but it wasn’t just crystals in there, oh no. Let’s just say the crystals weren’t exactly normal crystals…

As the mine was very old it attracted a lot of tourists, one day there was a group of tourists visiting the mine and its surroundings and two little girls named Sasha and Penny dared each other to go deep into the mine to see what was in there.

They got halfway into the mine when all of a sudden there was a huge rumbling sound and as the rumbling sound happened, Sasha and Penny fell down in fright. They got up, ran back to the entrance of the mine but it was now covered up by rocks. They worried dearly about what they would do and how they would survive in there so they walked deeper into the mine to see if there was another way out. As it’s a mine there’s always another way out somewhere somehow, surely.

The deeper they got the bigger the crystals got – there were many types of crystals in that mine, some of them were egg-like but some of them were what balanced nature‘s elements in that certain area. The ones that balanced nature’s elements were the dangerous crystals that were way deeper into the mine, near to the mine’s power source.

As they get deeper and deeper into the mine they approached very strange eggs that seemed to be crystal-like. Penny went to pick up one to take home but as she touched it, it somehow hatched and a very small troll popped out and seemed that it was very intelligent for something that just hatched. Then, all the eggs hatched and all these baby trolls popped out and all of a sudden there was a thumping sound that was the legless hopping troll parents excited their babies had hatched. That put the frights into Sasha and Penny for a moment.

The parents of the baby trolls said:

“No need to be alarmed or frightened,” and they took the baby trolls away in a basket especially made for the baby trolls. Sasha and Penny followed the trolls as they did not want to stay where they were. After catching up to the trolls they noticed that they were not in their own world anymore, they were now in the Kingdom of the Mystics.

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