Review: Victon – First Mini-Album ‘Voice To The New World’

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1. “What time is it now?”

2. “I’m Fine”

3. “Beautiful” 

4. “Your smile and you”

5. “The Chemistry”

6. “#Begin again (VICTON Ver.)”

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“What time is it now?”

Initial impression; The song starts off with a very funky beat, and honestly when I first listened to it I wasn’t all that keep on it but now I’ve actually grown to like it. I like the chours the best. In my opinion, it isn’t the best song on the mini-album but it isn’t a terrible song.

Video; The video opens up to the dance and wow, what a great dance it is, but the video aesthetic is very simple, but I like that. The dance in the video have bold moves and simple moves but each move looks very cool. The clothes for the video is also simple, but it matches the whole mood and aesthetic to the overall video and it is very effective in looking simple but cool.

Live stage impression; I like how the dance is exactly how it is in the video, some groups simple their dances down for their live stages and Victon didn’t do that, and I love that. Some rookies groups look awkward on stage, and I am very happy to say that I felt that Victon did not follow through on this. They looked very professional and cool. However, the live vocals were terrible but some members didn’t sound as great as others but as said before they are rookies so I don’t expect much more than that to be honest.

Lyrics; I tried to research the meaning behind the song and the lyrics and honestly I couldn’t find a meaning to the song. After listening to and reading the lyrics I still really don’t understand the meaning but PERSONALLY I figured out the lyrics seem to be about a girl who always turns up late when meeting the boy, but that is just a personal conclusion.

Line distribution; Okay so a big surprise to me, but the line distributions aren’t that bad. Byungchan and Subin had the least amount of lines and Seungsik and Sejun had the most however the distributions are similar-ish and not too bad for a rookie group.

Overall score; Overall the song is a great song witha funky and upbeat tone to it. It doesn’t has as great of a line distribution as I hoped but what more could I expect. Also, the dance. I love, love, love the dance.

Fangirl segment; My boy Seungwoo slays in this song as he does in every other song. But then again find me a Victon member who doesn’t slay in every song.

“I’m Fine”

Initial impression; Okay so as a title song, this song is such a bop. It sounds like such a happy and bright song, if you get me. The vocals slay and I even love how soft the rap is in the song too. I also just love the music as it is for itself, the instrumental is so cute oml.

Video; The video for this song is such a happy and bright video. It’s so aesthetically pleasing with the bright colours etc. I also like how they made teasers for each member in the video. The video is so uplifting and happy and the song is also just a great song in general. Also, I love Apink’s Naeun and when I saw she was in the teaser I was like, oh god the focus will be taken off of my boys but honestly she isn’t in the video much and the video focuses mainly on them which I’m very happy about.

Dance; The dance for this song is very fun and cute looking, like it looks rather simple. I mean what kind of idol can hardcore dance and sing at the same time. But the dance looks fun even if it looks simple and I love that aspect of it.

Live stage impression; Okay so this make come across as hard, but in the live stages I found their vocals sounded shaky? I mean yes I get that they were dancing which could cause them to get out of breath but I found the rap was less shaky. But seems as they are rookies I’ll let them off the hook for now. And can we talk about the cute ass dance again please amen! But wowowowo their costume, it was hella simple, dark jeans and baggy shirts but I live for Victon in dark ripped jeans lets face it.

Lyrics; I haven’t even bothered to research the real meaning behind the lyrics, but from what I did read of them I interpreted that the song was about a guy who likes a girl but is afraid to tell her so he act like he isn’t into her, but I could be totally wrong.

Line distribution; The line distribution in this song was shockingly horrible. Seungsik had the most of the distribution with 25%, quarter of the song distribution and Subin had the least at 2% of the song. The other members had a fair distribution but these two have the worst ones.

Overall score; Overall, I thought that the dance to this song was very cute and bright and I just love it so much. And also the song itself is cute and bright and I really love this song. Despite the terrible line distributions the song was a very good debute song.

Fangirl segment; Lets all just take a moment to wish the song was about us because who wouldn’t love it if Victon had a crush on you and was too shy to admit it.


Initial impression; So when I first heard this song, I didn’t have the lyrics in front of my but i guessed right away that it had to be a love song. It sounds like such a soft and happy song and personally it’s one of my favourites by Victon.

Video; There is no music video for this song.

Live stage impression; There are no live stages of this song, sadly.

Lyrics; So I haven’t really seen if Victon have proved my inital thought to the lyrics, but just reading the lyrics you can see the song is about a sweet relationship in which the man is so whipped and in love with the girl, it’s honestly an adorable song and I really love it.

Line distribution; So I couldn’t find any videos that had a line distribution for this sing and I’m still trying to tell their voices apart so I can’t really say if the line distribution is good or bad but I can say that I think Subin had way too few lines once again. But that usually happens to maknaes.

Overall score; I really love this song, its so sweet and gentle and honestly it has to be one of my favourite songs by Victon on this album.

Fangirl segment; Okay so give me a bit of time to fangirl. This song is honestly so cute and it destroyed my heart.

“Your smile and you”

Initial impression; So when I first listened to this song, I was taken back by how slow it was and how different it is from other Victon songs before this one. I honestly couldn’t tell if it was a happy or sad song as at the time I didn’t have the lyrics in front of me. It’s not one of my favourites by them but I don’t dislike the song so that’s a start.

Video; There is no music video for this song.

Live stage impression; I really liked the simple stage set up. Seven guys just stood holding mics and looking somewhat chic? Yes please. Also, their voices sounded great and heavenly and I really love it, probably their best live vocals from thsi album.

Lyrics; So after evaluating the lyrics, I have to come to the conclusion that is a heart break song which I live for boy group heart break songs. Chan’s part of the song is probably my favourite, the lyrics are very emotional and heart breaking and I just love it.

Line distribution; Once again I couldn’t find any line distribution videos for the guys, but from the coded lyrics I found online I saw that Hanse has quite a damn lot of lines well done my boy BUT ONCE AGAIN poor Subin had like two lines and I really am not okay with his someone get the boy some damn lines.

Overall score; Its a great soft song and even if the song is about heart break or breaking up I truely love it even if it isn’t my favourite.


“The Chemistry”

Initial impression; Upon first listening to the song, it sounded cute with the “doo doo” intro to it. And starting off with the rap? Honestly I love the rappers in this group. Their rap voices one minute sound heavenly and soft then they can sound badass as the next. Really a truely talented group.

Video; This song has no music video.

Dance; Let me just say the first dance section is very Apink. The dance also looks simple and naybe not their best choreography but once again as always I don’t hate it.

Live stage impression; I couldn’t find any for this song.

Lyrics; So from what I read, I interpreted that the song was about a guy who is hopelessly in love with a girl and want her to be his. I couldn’t really gather much else as I’m not the best at interpreting lyrics but I like the concept of the song.

Line distribution; S I G H. Need I say more? Subin has one fucking line, ONE LINE! Is that really okay? I really hate some of the line distributions in Victon songs. But I’m happy that at least Hanse and Seungwoo as rappers (and Seungwoo as a vocal) get a lot of lines. But Subin needs more lines!

Overall score; Once again, it isn’t my favourite song by Victon and I wouldn’t really listen to it often but I don’t dislike it. I dislike the damn line distributions.

Fangirl segment; GET SUBIN MORE LINES 2K17.


“#Begin again [VICTON Ver.]”

Initial impression; Whoop on to the last song. So thsi song, it sounds beatiful, heavenly. I really love the acoustic-y fewl to it and I also love Huhgak’s origanl but can we talk about how great Victon’s version is? The vocals sound so heavenly and soft and even despite the meaning of ths song it sounds so cute.

Video; There is no video for Victon’s version but Huhgak’s version features the guys sat with him and lip syncing to their parts of the song and honestly they look so cute and happy and I love how the video looks very glowy and dewy. Its a great song and video.

Live stage impression; Don’t even get me started! Even if the guys are just sat singing, their vocals are once agains so soft and heavenly and yes the video is of Huhgak’s version but Huhgak is a great singer and I just love even if the song is about want an ex back, it is so heavenly and sweet sounding. It truely is a great song.

Lyrics; So the lyrics are rather cute even if they are about a man who wants his ex-girlfriend back. Its rather cutw how the lyrics are talking about wanting someone back after a break up and honestly I really dig this song, it make be one of my top favourite songs by Victon overall.

Line distribution; Okay so I’ve rabbited enough about Subin’s lines so I won’t mention that here, but once again I’m happy Hanse gets a lot of lines, I really am, but the other members like Sejun and Byungchan get slept on a lot when it comes to distributions and I seriously can not keep handling this, its making me so mad. THEYRE IN THE GROUP FOR A REASON SO GIVE THEM LINES TO SING!

Overall score; I actually really love this song. When I first heard it, I didn’t think I would like it that much but as I got more into the song I was actually thinking, “Oh hey, this song ain’t too bad” and now it’s on my bath playlist.

Fangirl segment; Seungwoo rapping gives me life. He’s so cute and has such a great and unique voice I love him and Victon so much!


Overall music videos: 4/5

Overall line distribution: 2/5

Songs: 4/5

Album package aesthetic: 4/5


END NOTE – The line distributions could be better but as a first album it isn’t too bad so I’ll just wait and give Plan A a chance to sort out their damn line distributions.


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