First Minister To Resign Over Santa Comment?

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Yn Gymraeg

You know it’s Christmas when everybody talks about the bookies.

Usually, they are on about the chances of a White Christmas or who will win Christmas Number One in the charts. But not this time.

Today, betting website Paddy Power have placed First Minister Carwyn Jones at 10/1 to resign because of the storm he has created over his comment on a television show.

But what is this comment? Did he say something that could be classed as racist? Could it have been sexist?

No, not at all. The row is over his comment about Santa Claus.

Carwyn Jones was a guest on S4C’s programme Wedi 7, where he appeared to cast doubt over Father Christmas’ existence.

The comment has its own hashtag on Twitter, called #SionCornGate. Sion Corn is the Welsh name for Santa Claus.

The television show in question is available on S4C’s online television service Clic until the 27th December. In the interview, he states that “this is the first yaer where they don’t believe in Santa Claus” [note – this is a quick translation].

Later in the episode of Wedi 7, he says he has had conversations with his children about the importance of believing in Father Christmas.

If you’re a Welsh speaker, you can see the conversation (along with the full episode of Wedi 7here. The comment that is under scrutiny is just after the 1:19 mark. His comments about discussing the importance of believing in Father Christmas is after 17:22.

So, what do you think of this whole thing? Is this seriously a legitimate reason to resign? Are the media just kicking up a fuss about nothing?

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1 thought on “First Minister To Resign Over Santa Comment?”

  1. SirClucky says:

    I hope he doesn’t, that’s the last thing we need!

    He merely made a sweeping statement about other people not believing, right?

    And S4C’s online site is called Clic?? x

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