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Last Friday (18th of March), I was in drama, bored, because I was doing a six hour sponsored silence for Comic Relief and the games we were playing in drama included using your voice so I had to sit out. Luckily, I had a little slip to give to my teacher stating:-

“Please allow this pupil to leave lessons at 2:45pm. Reason:- Going away for the weekend.” Result.

I ran home to change quickly and make sure I was all packed for the Wicid Residential, got in the car and headed for Porth Plaza, which, my mother and step-dad had no clue where it was. Luckily, it was a pretty obvious building stating “Porth Plaza” on there so it wasn’t too hard to find. 

There were a few people there such as PeterPiper so I knew I wasn’t late. After waiting for about twenty miniutes, the bus arrived. I felt a bit of a loner because matthew.mcclaren was getting on later and everyone had someone to sit by except me. I just got my notepad out and started doodling.

When we picked up at Aberdare, a short, pretty looking girl came and sat behind me. I thought to myself “Wow, she’s probably popular. I bet she wouldn’t dare talk to me.” But I was wrong. She asked me if I was on my own too and we started talking now and then. It turned out she was Toriabeth!

After picking up Matthew Mclarren and a two hour (I think) bus ride, we finally arrived. When I realised there was going to be no signal, meaning no texting this weekend, I sort of died inside. We went inside and had food (Vegetarian Curry & Rice for me!) and found our rooms. I had a pretty nice group of people in my room. Vampire Timelord, Toriabeth!, Kathryn and Callie. They were really cool. 

After that, we went downstairs, introduced ourselves to everyone and then went and had free time. I went to bed quite early after being forced out of bed this morning.

Saturday was fun, except for the fact I didn’t get to sleep until four in the morning then was woken up at about seven. We went for breakfast then made ourselves packed lunches and started our first workshop – Creative Writing. 

I took forever coming up with an idea for a story. It was first thing in the morning and I didn’t think I’d be up and writing at that time of day. Plus, being put on the spot was a little alarming, but once I had my idea, I was sorted. I really liked this workshop because I like writing and it wasn’t all that hard. We did a little bit of graffiting after that, well drawing our designs. Mine was a total fail but I know I can’t draw so I just put up with it. Toriabeth!’s design was amazing and matthew.mcclaren did a design for his Radio show, The Wicid Weekenders. I honestly didn’t know he was such a good drawer! After that, we had a bit of free time. I went up to my room with the girls and, well I don’t really remember what we did altogether, but I’m sure it was fun.

In the afternoon, we went to our activities. I was not in anyway what so ever going to do coast steering or high ropes. So that left me with one thing – Archery. 

As we walked up to the location, I was seriously thinking I was going to injure others, let alone myself. But turns out, I can do it! I know I only scored 3 points, but still, I didn’t hurt anyone! When we had the team games, I failed badly. In the end I nagged CrazyDistortion to take my turn. I think it was best for both the team, and everyones health. Speaking of health, I’m surprised I didn’t end up in hospital. I was a bit clumsy on the weekend. Starting with tripping over myself and tumbling into the bushes on the walk back to the house (smooth move!).

When we arrived back, we had more free time (yay!) where we just did whatever. We had tea and then got on with the next workshop, music! We had to think of a name for a band and write a song. My group was really struggling until someone handed out some Skittles. Thats when “The Skittle Crew” came to mind. We then wrote a song about Skittles which I still have running through my head. I don’t have the lyrics with me otherwise I’d write them out.

When we’d finished the workshop, the television was brought into the main room for the boys to watch the rugby. BORING! So my room mates and I explored the place. We couldn’t keep still. One minute we were in our room playing truth or dare, then the next we were in the games room, being nutters. I have to admit, it was really fun!

Sunday, we had breakfast, packed and striped the beds. We finished up our Creative Writing then graffitied our designs. Mine wasn’t too bad after all! Then it was all aboard the bus for the journey home. This is where it reminded me of the journey to Anglesey with Clic as I counted five McDonald’s! But thankfully, we did stop in one.

I had a great time and I loved meeting new people and making friends! I miss everyone already and I really want to go on another one!

7 thoughts on “First Wicid Residential”

  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Great article written here by Miss Ihavethecyrusvirusx. A massive well done and thank you to everyone that came along and took part.

    The 35 fantastic young people were a pleasure to work with.

    Also a big well done to Les, Laura, Karen & Linsey for organising a fab residential. Not forgetting the rest of the detached team for helping in every way they could.

    Go Wicid!

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Thanks! I loved being there! I had the letter today too. I wanna go again (but in a place that is much warmer than where we stayed. I had to sleep with my hoodie on). The people I’ve met on both Residentials are way better than the kids in school (exept ofcourse, Callum.Jenkins, David.Evans & Matthew.McClaren!) x

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you had LOADS of fun! Shame I wasn’t there =P
    I heard you guys went shost hunting? How exciting!
    I tried to talk our lovely editor here over at theSprout into taking us on a SproutResi…. she isn’t having any of it =P
    Nonetheless, sounds awesome! I’m glad you all had a great time… and weren’t stuck on a bus for 10 hours!

  4. Ollys_Direction says:

    It was fab!
    Er… no, but we did go GHOST hunting haha. It was cool yeah. I knew there wasn’t any ghosts but it was fun to go for a stroll!
    I wish you could of been there! You’d of loved it! Very cold mind you. And nope, but we did see many McDonald’s! x

  5. MissPennArcade says:

    I also had a fab time. And have have never met such a great bunch of young people.

    I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

    thank you all

    ps. fab story

  6. Ollys_Direction says:

    It was amazing meeting you, luna light, and I apologize again for the dare I gave you! I really enjoyed the weekend and I want another one again soon! x

  7. Ollys_Direction says:

    Yeah I had a feeling you found the Creative Writing easy! You kept us up until late talking about Vampires so you was ready! haha. And in Archery… well, I think I always knew sports wasn’t my strongest point. Both my stepdad and dad said “Who the hell let you lose with a bow and arrow? You’re the girl that cut her finger on a childrens scissors!” haha.

    But yeah, I really want to go on another one! It’s awesome because the people I’ve met on both residentials are way more fun to hang with than the kids in school. They are just plain boring. And they wonder why I don’t bother with them outside of school? x

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