FJYPB Are Currently Recruiting New Members

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The FamilyJustice Young Peoples Board (FJYPB) supports the work of the Family JusticeBoard (in England and Wales), enabling young people to have a direct say in theway in which services for children and young people are run.

The FJYPB are currently recruiting new members to the Board, of age 7 and up,who have experience of family courts. This could be due to parental separationor living in care and/or care leavers.

There are many reasons why you may have experience, but here are just a few:

* Have your parents split up?
* Having contact with the parent that you don’t live with.
* Attended a contact centre.
* Met with someone from Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and SupportService).
* Experience of family mediation.
* Had or still have a social worker.
* Live in the care of another family member or a foster carer.
* Live in a residential care home.
* Been to court.

 “Beingan associate member of the FJYPB is first and foremost a great privilege to bepart of a group of children and young people who dedicate large proportions ofspare time, working hard to make sure that the family justice system is childfriendly and child inclusive. Knowing that the work we do is for the benefit ofthe children, to make sure that their voice is heard through times of familydifficulties brings great job satisfaction. Even if we manage to do good forone child or young person, this is better than helping no one at all. The scopeof our work is nationwide and the impact we can make to make the family justicesystem a more child inclusive one is why we need more children and your peopleto help.” – Tim Bramley, FJYPB Associate Member

You will be paid per hour. If you are over 16 the money will be paid into yourbank account. If you are under 16 you are paid in vouchers that can be used ina range of stores, cafes and theme parks!

Are you interested? If so:

Request an application form from –

Claire Evans – FJYPB Administrator.

Phone number: 01753 235263 Mobile: 07786190216

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