Forget Paris, Milan, New York – Y Pant is the no1 show

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E3+ students from Y Pant Comprehensive School took to the catwalk last week in the second fashion show held at the school.

The E3+ programme forms an integral part of the Council’s newly created Services for Young People department, which is dedicated to ensuring young people in the County Borough are given the opportunities they are entitled to and deserve.
The students modelled a series of clothes that illustrated everything that is great about British weather.

Focusing on Staycatians (staying at home is the new going away) From Partying in Porthcawl to Beaching in Barry – The girls displayed casual beach or daywear that were the ‘bang on trend’ this summer.

The students or models as they now like to be known, have been working within the E3+ programmes, with Elinor Franklin, a designer based in Swansea to produce outfits from recyclable materials as part of the E3+ fashion design sessions. Working in partnership with New Look and Outfit Stores from Talbot Green Retail Park, pupils from year 7, 8 and 10 then modelled These creations at the show and WOW these girls, who are from the Y Pant cluster primary schools, dazzled the audiences with their creativity and execution.

E3+ co-ordinator at Y Pant, Richard Eynon, said: “This event was incredibly successful. All the young people that were involved were absolutely thrilled that so many people came to the show. With over 100 people attending in a venue, that looked like the Milan fashion show”. 

Y Pant Comprehensive School’s Assistant Headteacher, Beverley Cheetham said: “The evening was a massive success, the whole show was run with a clear aim to provide a professional fashion show for the young people that were involved and this was certainly achieved. The pupils who attended the E3+ fashion design sessions, have shown that with a little bit of vision and some creativity they could make phenomenal pieces of fashion from material that the majority of people would just throw away and we all know that fashion can be a throw away industry.”

Councillor Eudine Hanagan, Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, said; “The E3+ programme has had a huge impact on young people’s lives.  They are able to take part in activities that they wouldn’t normally be able to and be involved in the outcomes of the activity. Whether it is shows like this or producing pieces of art, young people are proactively bettering themselves through the activities.  It is a privilege to watch these young people learn and develop through fun and exciting opportunities.”

For further information on E3+ activities taking place in the Y Pant cluster area call 01443 236894.


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