Frankie Cocozza: Celebrity or Wannabe?

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So, it’s a new year and new things are starting up. New school terms have just started, artists are getting ready to release new albums and there’s a new series of Celebrity Big Brother starting up. Now, I don’t like the show at all but I couldn’t help but wonder – why is Frankie Cocozza in there?

I also dislike The X Factor, but since the only way my family get proper bonding time is through being slumped on the couch in front of the TV watching the Saturday night programmes, I did catch a few episodes (not that I wanted to, trust me) and one of the contestants was 18-year-old Brighton boy, Frankie Cocozza. If you’re an X Factor fanatic, then you’ll know about his little incidents that led to him “leaving” the X Factor. The judges weren’t a fan of him and apparently, the only people that voted to keep him in were the teenage girls across the nation that had a big, fat crush on him.

Apart from looking pretty, singing a couple of songs and one or two interviews, he didn’t really do much, did he? So how is he classed as a celebrity? I mean, the only thing he actually put effort into was breaking the rules. One advantage he got out of the show was the ladies. Since nowadays, some girls will be willing to *ahem* jump into bed with anyone that has the slightest contact with fame, so when Cocozza went out, there were females from left, right and centre after him.

He told The Sun “The X Factor has massively helped me in that department. I’ve had seven girls since I’ve been on the show. I remember them all but I’m not still in touch. Going out just got mental as women would just come up to me. I really didn’t need to dig out the chat up lines which I used to. It was so easy.”

Another thing Frankie admitted to was the interaction he had with drugs. He admits to snorting cocaine up to six times and smoking quite a lot of weed, though he denies all the rumours of doing any Class A drugs.

“I’ve never taken ecstasy or acid I think class A drugs are disgusting, but they do come into many peoples lives.”

Before I continue, may I just add that drugs, smoking and all that are bad for you, people. It’s best you leave it alone. And as for sleeping with more than one person, personally, in my opinion I’d stick to that special someone, not going with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Anyway, back to the article. What I don’t understand is, how does all this make Mr Cocozza a celebrity? Famous or well known maybe, but a celebrity? I disagree. Let’s be honest, the only reason that people go to Celebrity Big Brother or any reality show, really, is to boost their career because it’s more than likely at its lowest. That’s the only reason I reckon he’s in there. Well, that, and the fact that it’ll pull in more viewers (AKA those girls with a crush on him) for the show. If he went in there like five, six years from now instead of this series, I bet there wouldn’t be as many people tuning into watch and rooting for him to win.

What’s his career now? Being a number one idiot? I mean, what is he actually doing for a living? The Daily Mail says “He has a lot of free time since his departure from The X Factor”. So, when he’s not cramped in a house full of other well known people, he’s being paid for nothing? What? And there are people out there, working their socks off to try and get somewhere, be it working hard in Performing Arts School, trying to write a top novel, or sitting there with a guitar in attempt to write a song. There are really hard working people out there that deserve the limelight and then there are buffoons like Cocozza, getting paid for doing diddly squit. It makes no sense.

Overall, I strongly disagree with the statement of Frankie being a celebrity. If he pulls his act together, gives up being a top notch twit and do some proper work, then maybe my opinion will change. But for now, I believe he is a total wannabe living the “celebrity life”, minus the work.


4 thoughts on “Frankie Cocozza: Celebrity or Wannabe?”

  1. Rhysins says:

    *Waits for the crazy fangirls to bomb this article with ‘U SHAT UP!1 He’s a Shmexy t@lemt3d boi, U juz gelus an all tha liek!??!2!!’ comments*

    Wait! 0-0

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Hahaha! Rhys your comment made me laugh and that
    Caused me to get funny looks from my family. If they comment like that, I have a reply already..

    “Opionions are like butts, everybody has one.”

    And thanks @ToWriteLoveOnHerArms! Xx

  3. Toriabeth! says:

    I don’t like him, and I’m not a fan, but in a rounabout-more-infamous-than-famous-way he IS famous, for being one of the first (if not youngest) people to be thrown out of the X factor. I don’t agree with what he did, but he certainly got a lot of attention from it, and so did the X factor….seems a bit suspiscious if you ask me….

  4. Ollys_Direction says:

    Yeah, I know he’s famous. But there are famous people who aren’t celebrities… if you get me? Like… um… random famous here, but Einstein wasn’t a celebrity… if you get me? I’ve said that twice now but oh well.

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