Friday Night Project at Bryn celynnog

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What is the Friday Night Project?
The Friday Night Project (FNP) is basically something for young people to do instead of hanging about on streets or drinking on a Friday night. The age range is Year 10 and up for FNP. We try and allocate spaces so that you know your mates are coming with you. The Friday night project is well attended and we allocate 24 spaces each activity. We have 3 activities which are Ice Skating, Cinema and Climbing
The cinema nights are fab! You get to go down to Cardiff Bay with your mates to get food then see a movie. All we ask is you keep in touch by phone and be back by 11pm.

The FNP has now ended and has been a great success, all activities were well attended. The ice skating activities were really popular. During one Ice skating trip, one young person managed to get the whole ice rink to a stand still, as he was dancing away to the music in the stands. We have had nothing but positive feedback from the young people ‘Thanks so much for this weeks Ice skating trip, we saved some money we would have been on the street drinking and smoking with nothing else to do’ ‘Thanks for the cinema trip, it was so nice to catch up with friends on Friday night, going for a meal then going to a showing of our choice, thanks!’. Young people are always asking us when the night Friday night activity is, and the FNP will now start back up in January.


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