Friendship In France

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It was a windy afternoon and Louise Cronin, Shea Stead, Ellis Keep were sleeping up their friend, Megan Morgan’s house.

It was around half-past six in the night and the girls were going to leave for France in the morning. Megan’s mother was dropping them down to their school because France was a trip the school were running.

They were helping Megan pack and they just closed the suitcase when Megan said,
She put her blue clip in the suitcase and said,
“I’d better not forget this, it’s my lucky clip.”

They were all sitting in the circle with their midnight feasts and magazine; there were clothes everywhere because the girls were trying to find what clothes Megan could wear. She was a dark skinned girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes and was very sporty so it was hard to decide what to bring for Megan. They were all chatting for a while and Shea asked Megan “Why is the clip so lucky?” Megan replied
“My father gave it to me, and I haven’t seen him since I was a little girl. It’s special to me.”

The room went silent everybody knew that Megan’s father had left her when she was little but nobody other than her knew why.


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