The Full Monty @ Wales Millennium Centre (Monday 11th March)

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Just to put it out there… best show I’ve EVER seen.

The cast of The Full Monty (Gary Lucy, Andrew Dunn, Louis Emerick, Joe Gill, Kai Owen and James Redmond) quite literally put on a show. A show I certainly want to see again. Seriously, booking a second load of tickets for me and the girls because wow. My mood was ultimately lifted for the entire performance, during the interval and still now after.

The comedy and concept of the show was simply hilarious and definitely one for a perfect girls night out. I’ve always found when previously reviewing shows that I get to the train station, on my way home, and forget everything as the feeling of theatre is a moment that flashes by, leaving you in a gleaming state. However, with this performance it was different. I am still in utter awe. The same glow I had standing, clapping, so much so I could feel the muscles in my arms burning, I still have now.

Before I had actually seen the show I knew two things: 1. Male Strippers. 2. My all time favourite actor Gary Lucy doing the stripping. I agreed to review the show instantly. And I am so glad I did. The story line of the Full Monty is about a group of six unemployed steelworkers, trying to make a living. Their individual personalities and the way they work on stage has to be the most comical. Every type of person that could possibly come to mind is in this play. Along with every kind of emotion. I may have almost cried when character Gaz (played by on screen actor, Gary Lucy) may or may not of lost access to his son – no spoilers!

I could truly see the emotion in his eyes and simple facial expressions that proved extremely effective. From someone who follows Gary Lucy on Instagram and obsessively watches his feed, It is clear how much of a talented actor he is. Hint: he’s not from Sheffield. But, my gosh his accent was perfect. That is alongside everything else about his theatrical abilities and down right good looks.

Anyway, moving on because I can write an entire book on my admiration of Gary Lucy. Besides that, the set design of the performance was incredible. The basic set involved 2 levels created by steel beams and an abandoned workhouse, including steel doors, chains, thick rope and heavy machinery.

Throughout the play the set was transformed into: an apartment, a work club, an office, a park (and many others). Most importantly it was simply just a stage where the ‘Full Monty’ performance took place. The director cleverly used the live audience to act as the audience in the bar during the final scene.

Another effective detail I picked up on was the transitions between scenes. The stage management were dressed in the appropriate costumes of the era and became part of the scene when transitioning which was something I had never considered. In general circumstances they are all in black and super quick and the audience kind of has to wait for the next scene, whereas I feel this play just flowed unbelievably smoothly.

I do not have any criticism toward the show and every actor involved I felt did an amazing job. Credit to the director for the innovative approach to the adaptation of the film. For a play that entails so much despair, unemployment and even at one point a suicide attempt, it was a feel good performance.

I feel that the more controversial topics were handled very cautiously but at the same time incredibly entertaining and comical. I have never experienced while attending shows feeling the need to clap after every scene, but, in this it was a must! Every scene just had a purpose and there were no scenes that were just fillers, every one made me feel brighter.

To conclude, I have an obsession with both Gary Lucy and The Full Monty and this play brought them together and it was absolutely perfect. P.s. I didn’t get to meet him, heartbroken.

Full Monty runs at the Wales Millennium Centre until Saturday March 16th . Tickets can be bought HERE!

Age Guidance: 16+
Contains strong language, adult themes and nudity.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes (including 1 interval)


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