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Hi guys, it’s xVGx M1LLZ and these are my views and thoughts on gaming club in Mountain Ash Comprehensive School. Now, you all may think of gaming club as a board game club like chess or checkers, for example, but it’s not. It’s filled with Xbox’s and PS3’s and a Wii – this is provided by a brilliant provider, Dennis Payne from E3+.

It’s a fun place for people to come and play games and hang out and to generally make friends. We have a different variety of games like ‘Call of Duty, ‘FIFA‘, ‘Halo‘ and many, many more.

My overall thoughts on this place are that it really takes up time so if you have nothing to do, then gaming club is on. We already have quite a few people already going – it’s a hit at our school and maybe this will encourage you to ask your school to start one.

The Future

Our provider, Dennis, says he is getting the club the next generation consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 – now that is WICID. *pun*
I hope you enjoyed reading my article, this has been xVGx M1LLZ.

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