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Hey, guys, VGBish here. On Friday, 21st June, I joined the Wicid editorial team so my articles will become weekly – hopefully – but now to get stuck in with my newest gaming review.

Today, I am reviewing a game some people see as retro: Call of Duty: Black Ops. As I have been playing this game a lot lately I thought I would review it. Here are some basic details about the game: it’s made by Treyarch, it’s the only Call of Duty I know to have Call of Duty ‘points’ (which is a cash system you use to upgrade your guns and also buy better guns/equipment).

Now, for the review. I have added some new categories for this one and I hope you enjoy.

Graphics:10. For its time the graphics are visually stunning, loads of detail and very nice animations; not too much blood and gore, though, which is a first for CoD.

Gameplay: 8. The storyline is pretty standard but there is a spin which I will not spoil for you. (Just play the game and find out for yourself.)

Multiplayer: 9. Not the best skill-matching service but it has earned an extra point for having next to no hackers.

Soundtrack: 10. I haven’t seen a game with an orchestral soundtrack for a while (this was released before Skyrim) but I really love orchestral soundtracks and if you’re a game developer reading this, I think if you had an orchestral soundtrack you will sell more games.

Features: 8. As I said at the start I loved the CoD points feature but the feature everybody loves is Zombies Mode. I also love the new multiplayer gamemodes, such as: One in the Chamber.

Overall rating: 9. The best rating I think I have ever given a Call of Duty game.
To buy or not to buy: I would recommend this COD to any gamer – experienced or new to first person shooters.

P.S. It’s a great game and if Multiplayer is not for you they have brought in a feature called Combat Training which means you have a Multiplayer style match but with AI/computer aided characters.

Thanks for reading and comments are much appreciated.

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