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Hey, guys. VGBish here, with some info and a review on Call Of Duty: Ghosts for you.

As many of you know, I have been a little off with my reviews lately so here is a review which many of you may enjoy.

Now, for some info on the game. CoD is back with 2 new game modes, the new modes being: Extinction and Squads. Extinction is a Left4dead style mode with alien dinosaurs rather than zombies and Squads is basically Spec Ops – from the previous games – mixed with Combat Training.

Clans play a bigger role, and is multi-platform (in terms of being part of the same clan, but you can’t play any matches together) meaning you can accumulate points for your clan with your mate who has PS3 whilst you are playing on the Xbox. Weird, I know, but the logic behind this idea is to maximise use of their servers. This means, rather than having servers for Xbox and servers for PS3 etc, they have servers shared by all 3 main consoles (Xbox, PS3 and PC) so it minimises cost but maximises efficiency.

Now, enough with my boring tech-talk. Let’s get stuck in with the review.

Story: 8

The story leaves a bit to the imagination but it is still a good story, the only way to describe the story of CoD: Ghosts is it’s similar to an Andy McNab style thriller.

Graphics: 9

The graphics are really good with this game and it still looks better than the next-gen console versions. Some people may disagree but there is my opinion. 

Sounds: 8

Same as any other CoD game really – not much differentiation between sounds.

Soundtrack: 10

With the hidden Slim Shady songs this is the best soundtrack on a CoD game I have ever heard.

Features: 10

With all these new and old game modes available this is set to be the best CoD game ever – as with Extinction you actually have to level up to get items rather than hoarding points. This is not counting the hidden killstreak on certain multiplayer maps, aswell as Survival coming back from Modern Warfare 3 there is new multiplayer game modes such as Crank, and Search and Rescue.

Crank is the same as the film in a way (Crank is 18+). Every 30 seconds you have to get a kill otherwise you die. With the new Search and Rescue mode it’s a Search and Destroy-type mode with a kill confirmed twist.

Buy Or Not To Buy: Buy

This game is the best call of duty since Modern Warfare 2; I am having so much fun playing it and hope you do, too. 

This has been VGBish and this has been my review – as always have a nice day.

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