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Hey, guys. VGBish here with another review. This time we are reviewing Dishonored and this is personally one of my favourites. I’ll tell you a little bit, a tiny taster, about the story without revealing too much.

You play as the Empress’ personal bodyguard and one day you arrive back from a mission and she gets murdered while you’re trying to save her, then you get blamed for it and you go after the people who blamed you for the murder.

Now if you have read my Black Ops 2 review you will know how this goes, but today I’m doing things a little differently because this game only has single player mode so we will rate the graphics and such as usual but we will end today’s review with a classic system I use: a to buy or not to buy.

Right, let’s get stuck in.

Graphics: I’d give the graphics of this game a smooth 8 because they’re not the best but the game does look stunning with loads of detail included.

Gameplay: I’d give gameplay a solid 9 because the story is easy to follow. While there’s lots of extras to be found they are not necessarily needed in the story line; there’s also a lot of side challenges to quench your thirst for a challenge.

Sounds: I haven’t rated a game’s sound quality before but here we go, I would give this game’s soundtrack a 10 because they write their own songs and hymns aswell as having pretty awesome sound effects.

Overall Rating: 8, all round high ratings for Dishonored.

To Buy Or Not To Buy: I would say this game is a definite must buy if you love single player action/RPG games.

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  1. VG BISH says:

    guys i have recently started playing this again plz let me know if you want to see a playthrough but let me know if you have a cpature card i could lend aswell becuase all i have is fraps for pc that is all goodbye

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