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Hey, guys. VGBish here with a review a lot of you probably wanted. So, here it is. My review of Grand Theft Auto V

Now, I have done a few reviews but this is a big one as I havent played it all the way through like I have with previous games I’ve reviewed but let’s get stuck in shall we?

Story: 8

I have seen better stories in games, but for GTA this story is absolutely stunning just for the fact you can go off and do random stuff. For example, golf or yoga or a good old fashioned GTA killing spree but you don’t lose sight of the plot or story.

Graphics: 8

With the big wait behind the game I thought the graphics would have been better but still a pretty nice looking game.

Sound: 6

As usual, with GTA games the actual engine noises and little things like that sound terrible but the voice acting was suberb.

Music: 8

The game has a very good soundtrack which is a nightmare for YouTubers as GTA V’s soundtrack is copyrighted which means I can’t record me and my mate, Mills, just randomly having a singsong on GTA (sorry, VG supporters).

Features: 10

Personally I love the features except all the bugs, like riding a Harley up a near vertical cliff without crashing. C’mon, Rockstar. Even Halo knows the limits a car can go through. But, on a lighter tone, I like how you can plan your own bank heists then go and do something like an hour of yoga. Loads of fun. Loads of features.

All round rating: 9

I have never really loved GTA games but this might change my opinion on GTA if Rockstar keeps making the games this good.

Thanks for reading, guys. Have fun playing or watching GTA V on YouTube. Hope my review was up to your standards.

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