Gaming Review: Hitman Absolution

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Hey, guys. VG Bish here, back with another review of one of my favourite games of all time – ‘Hitman: Absolution’. This is literally one of the most awaited games of all time as there was something along the lines of a 10 year gap between this one and the previous one and oh, my days, it was worth the wait. This game is so beautiful, it’s unbelievable. Right, now on to the review:

Agent 47 in all his 3D HD glory. This is graphically beautiful, literally the best graphics I had seen until GTA V got released.

Storyline: 8
This game has a beautiful storyline, you can really get into it and not turn it off until you have finished.

Sounds: 8
This game’s sounds are actually really good. I haven’t found any bugs so far and everything runs really smoothly.

As you guys may know from my previous reviews, I love classical soundtracks but I have done some research on this one and this was a high budget soundtrack.

All round: 10
This is all round a great game and honestly worth the free download.

To Buy or Not To Buy: Buy
This is a definite buy and there is no excuse as for Xbox players its free for 2 weeks and it only costs about £15 for PlayStation, and for you dinosaurs out there who are scared of downloads it costs £10 preowned (Cash Generator) and 17.99 new (Asda).

As usual, guys, thanks for reading. Check out the website and feel free to comment your own opinions and if you would kindly take the time to subscribe to


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