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Hey, guys. VGBish here again with my latest review, this time on what I’m now going to term ‘Budget Gaming’.

So, as you can see I’m back from a rest from writing (I’ve been researching instead) and today we are going to review ‘Mafia 2’ which for a long time has been my favourite game and to be honest it still is. I’m going to experiment with new formats of article writing, hope you guys don’t mind.

Story: 10

The rough layout of this game’s story – without giving any spoilers away –  is you are an Italian immigrant in World War II and you get caught robbing a jewellery store. As the story goes on, the police enrol you in the army so you can help with the war in Italy (only one mission on it though) and you get ‘wounded’ and start your life working your way up in the Mafia (bang tidy).

Features: 8

I’ll list some of the notable features now: customisable vehicles, genuine WWII weapons, you even have to buy petrol, open world, snap to cover system, and really good driving mechanics. There’s a lot of room to improve, which I think they have done in the DLC (downloadable content) of which I haven’t played yet, so to cap this section off it has very, very nice features


The ‘Mafia’ games have always had their own style with graphics. They always go for the gloomy-style-colours within the game which are not noticeable unless you look for them, plus the guns and cars are very detailed. Not that much blood and gore which also makes this game just a visually stunning game

Sounds: 7

The music is not really that well done (not very well thought out).

I’ve done my homework on the soundtrack of this game and nearly all of the songs are not from that period of time (sorry, I look at these things) but the actual sounds are very good – like the engine revs and the gunshots. They all just sound magnificent

All round rating: 10

In my opinion there is nothing more you can ask from a third person shooter or a WWII standpoint of the homefront. This game is just generally beautiful.

To Buy or Not To Buy: Definite Buy

Is it included in the budget gaming guarantee?

Yes it is (at least in Cash Generator) where it is priced at a low price of £4.

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