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Hey, guys. VGBish here with another review on a new game that’s been released on Steam in alpha mode which means its not finished but if you buy it now you get to play all versions until it’s released. It is a MMORPG where you survive against the wilderness and build a house and fight other players.
If you want to watch the gameplay check out YOGSCAST Sips or YOGSCAST Duncan; both of whom are really good YouTubers. But, enough with my advertising. Let’s get on with the review.

Gameplay: 7

There is a lot of bugs but for an alpha it’s really good although a lot of it is a bit repetitive. You will enjoy playing this game for hours on end.

Graphics: 8

This game has the same graphics as Garry’s Mod and Half Life, but they are really good graphics for this type of game.

Sounds: 5

There is no soundtrack and not many sounds have been implemented yet but what can you really expect from a game in such early alpha?

Features: 8

For a game in alpha this game has really good features such as weapon attachments and home building, this is turning out to be a really good game.

All round: 8

Even though there is no story and it’s online only this game is worth the investment. I have enjoyed many hours playing this game; I recommend you pick it up.

To Buy or Not To Buy: Buy

This game is really worth the price, you will enjoy this game.

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