Gareth Bale Takes Time For #TeamTon

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It’s allabout 5×60!

Young people from Tonyrefail School take part in golf lessons everyweek at the Vale Golf resort.

Whilst there, theyhave top-class coaching from golf professional Keith Williams, who is superb with theyoung people and teaches them different skills each week.

This week,however, the young people had a little more on offer than usual. None other thanWelsh footballer and Real Madrid galactico Gareth Bale was there practicing hisgolf shots and relaxing before Wales play on Friday.

After our golf lesson we asked if he could pose for a picture with the young people and hegladly said yes. This was superb for the students of Tonyrefail Comprehensiveand Leon Bansal, 5×60 Officer, said: “This is what can happen in 5×60 sessions, it’s allabout taking part in sport. You never know what can happen or who you will meet.”

The youngpeople left the session ecstatic and it is a moment they will truly cherishforever.

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