Gareth – Peter’s Partner – The Letter

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Dear readers,

My name is Gareth Gale. I am 21 years old and dead, I died when i was 17, Paul (the leader of CSA) shot me 15 times in the heart when I was fighting him, so I rose out of the ground and have searched for my revenge, that’s when I met Peter, whom was fighting the CSA too.

One day I will get my revenge, and if I’m in the mood, maybe something will happen to him……PETER PIPER.

In my head, well brain, I think Peter Piper is trying to stop me from getting my revenge, he always argues and never wants to go and get Paul and kill him straight away. He’s so annoying.
As you may have been told, because I’ve been dead many years, i have no skin, just bones eyes and some clothes. I am embarrassed of my figure.
One day I will get my revenge, if Peter Piper wants to stop me, Let him try. I will break every bone in his scrawny little body and add it to my collection!
along with Paul’s.


What will happen next?
Find out.
Peter Piper – Coming soon


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