Get Down to Treorchy E-Teens!

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Are you from the Treorchy area and looking for somewhere to chill out and spend time with your friends? Maybe you want to kick back and watch a DVD or read a book? Fancy challenging friends to a Wii tournament? Or you need access to a computer for your coursework? Look no further. Check out Treorchy E-Teens today!

We have free internet access, a Wii console for you to play on, a really cool music chair which has built in speakers, spaces to hang out and so much more!

Bored during the school holidays? We have lots of workshops that take place which you should definitely check out. We’ve had graffiti workshops, DJ-ing workshops and there’ll be plenty more for you to do in the future. And it’s all for FREE! We even have our own entrance so if you don’t feel comfortable in walking past other people in the library; you can enter through the side.

So come and hang out at E-Teens. Open 9.00- 5.15pm Mondays to Thursdays, 9.00-8.00pm Fridays and 9.00-12pm Saturdays!


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