Gig Review: Dave Evans – Original Lead Singer Of AC/DC

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What: Dave Evans – Original Lead Singer of AC/DC (plus support bands)

Where: The Factory Music Venue, Porth – 9th July 2013

On Tuesday, 9th July, at The Factory Music Venue, Porth, we welcomed the first and original singer of the infamous rock and roll band AC/DC, Dave Evans. Dave is a singer from Carmarthen, Wales. Dave is now a solo singer who was on tour promoting his latest album ‘Judgement Day’; he was also performing some of AC/DC’s classics like ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ and ‘Jail Break’ on the tour. The tour was also celebrating 40 years of ‘AC/DC’. He was supported by bands from Wales: Argonaut, No Glory and Fireroad. I was surprised with the age range of the crowd, as there were a few of the younger generation there. 

The night kicked off with a local metal band, Argonaut. The band consisted of a bassist, guitarist, drummer and vocalist. The first song they played was a song called ‘Infection’, and this song had some great guitar riffs and the vocalist really got the crowd going – when I first saw them enter the stage I knew from their stage presence that they were a metal band. 

The second band of the night were a classic rock band from Wales called No Glory. The singer of this band reminded me of Jack Black because of his vocal pitch and tone, as he was able to hit the high notes of the songs. This band got the crowd going because most of the crowd were followers of the band. I really enjoyed the song ‘Painkiller’, which is an original song wrote by the band.

The final support band to go on to the stage, who recently played at the Aberdare Festival 2013, was a band from Aberdare called Fireroad. They reminded me of the Stereophonics as the lead singer sounds like Stereophonics lead-singer, Kelly Jones. I really liked the choice of microphone used by the singer, because it was a 1950’s style microphone that was used by many singers back in the ’50s. The songs that they played had some pretty nifty guitar riffs.

After all the support bands finished, the crowd waited for the headlining act to come on stage. The lights changed to red as we were waiting for the band to come up on to the stage. The band started to play, the guitar then welcomed the man everyone had been waiting for – Dave Evans. He kicked his set off with the AC/DC song ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’, which the crowd started singing along with. His set consisted of songs from his solo albums and some of the AC/DC classics he sung when he was with AC/DC. 

I really enjoyed and it was awesome to meet the legendary Dave Evans. I really enjoyed the support bands: Argonaut, No Glory and Fireroad. 

Rating: 9/10

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