Global Day Festival – This Saturday – Live Bands, Music, Good Food, For Free

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Global Day Festival is happening this Saturday (the 28th of September) at Dare Valley Country Park. I’m guessing by now, after you’ve read that first sentence, that there’s gonna be two categories of people reading: those who are familiar with Global Day and those who haven’t heard about it before.

Well, for those who aren’t familiar with Global Day, here’s some info. Global Day is an annual event that’s held at Dare Valley Country Park and is a free event that’s open to members of the public. The day is extremely popular and is flooded with crowds of people who are eager to experience the fun activities, music, food and more that is a part of Global Day.

The motto of Global Day Festival is: ‘Travel Around The World In One Day’ and that’s exactly what you can do – experience different cultures of the world while still being in your own back yard, Dare Valley Country Park.

There will also be live music from young, talented bands in Rhondda Cynon Taf. The first band on will be The Pitchforks, who will begin their set at 11am and finish at 11.30. The second band will be Civil Foes, finalists of Wicid’s 2013 Online Battle Of The Bands, who will start their set at 12.30 and finish at 1. Then, Wicid’s very own Battle Of The Bands 2012 winners, The Broadcasts, will begin their set at 2pm and finish at 2.45.

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So, cancel all plans for Saturday and we’ll see you there 

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