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Now, it seems that they have drawn the lines on a new battlefield – the battle of social networking. Google, as of the 20th of September, has released its social networking site, Google Plus (or Google+, depending on your outlook on life), which has been in closed testing since its launch on June 28th 2011.

Over forty languages are available on the service at this time, though no Welsh is available for the time being.

During the two-and-a-half month testing period, the service was only available to journalists and people working in technological fields, though those members had the ability to invite their friends and relatives.

The use of the invites helped the growth of Google+, with ten million users on the site just two weeks after the launch. Though not producing any further statistics since then, it has been estimated that 25 million users were registered by the end of the first month. That said, they have a long run ahead, facing competition from Facebook and Twitter, who have 750 million and 200 million users respectively

So far, it has been well received, with features such as “hangouts”, a multi person video chat, being praised for being innovative. This feature, or something similar to it, will be seen on Android smartphones.

In addition to that, there will be an integration between Google+ and the +1 feature that Google released, where your friends’ recommendations will influence your search results if they +1’d a certain page or a website (like Clic, or this article… there’s no hinting here, I swear).

There should be one user already noticeable for those who have graced the lands known as MySpace, as the founder of MySpace Tom Anderson is an active user of Google+. He told BBC News “Failure is not an option for Google on this. The fate of their business depends on social in the long run, so I think they’ll keep tweaking and reminding users until they get it right.”

The rise of Google+ has also pushed new updates for Facebook.

Facebook, the Californian-based social networking site founded in 2004, have rolled out many innovations which seems to be a direct response to the rise of Google+. Facebook claims that these new features, one of which includes a revamp of the friends feature similar to the Circles feature in Google+, have been planned for a long time.

So, a new social network is available. Will it topple Facebook, or will it hit the heights of Bebo at best?

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