Goth, Jock and Others – The Harm of Labels!

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You’re probably in school, or was in school until recently, and you, as well as me and everybody else, were labeled. The hot one, the clown, the rebel, the over achiever, the weirdo. Some people like their label while others, like me, do not.

I feel like I need to write an article about this as it is an issue all of us are facing or have faced. I’m labeled as ‘The Goth’ because my favourite colour is black, I listen to rock music and I’m into dark horror, but is labelling me as ‘Goth’ really correct?

I feel that in 20 years or so, people aren’t going to remember me for my jokes, my favourite book, my favourite lesson or, most importantly, they’re not going to remember me. Instead, they’re going to remember that I like black clothing. But what can I do about that? I can try to be funnier, smarter or even more popular, but what’s the point in moving from one label to another?

In other cases, some people are only going to be remembered for that A* or B or even E that they got and not who they were. For me, this is even worse, because all identity is taken away and we’re left with a letter that will get us to a job, or not.

But that A*, or my goth outfit, or his humour or anything else isn’t going to get us into ‘Heaven’, or the sacred place or what ever you believe in.

Instead, it will get us into the ground in which we will return to. At the end of the day, what do these labels mean other than to make us feel either superior or inferior to everybody else around us?

My aim is to be more than a label. I will wear black while being funny with a big group of friends. I will listen to rock music while smiling and being crazy with a friend who loves chick flicks. I will rise above the labels and be remembered for being me, not just another goth girl in the background of an English class! 


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