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Last night, I went to see Grease, a play following a group of rebellious teenagers and a goody-too-shoes, Sandy, and their time in high school. The show included some big names, Tom Parker (The Wanted) as Danny, Danielle Hope (Over the Rainbow winner) as Sandy, and Louisa Lytton (Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing) as Rizzo.

The entire cast performed to an extremely high standard, however, the one performance that stood out for me was Louisa Lytton’s portrayal of Rizzo. Lytton gave an enthralling performance and sang a memorable version of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” and “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee”. All of the actors upheld an American accent effortlessly, which helped produce an exciting show to watch.

The lighting was a big part of the show and was used perfectly to create moments of tension and excitement for the audience. There was always so much going on, from flashy lights on Grease Lightning to fire coming out of a guitar, the lighting created a unified sense of enjoyment and captivation.

As a musical, the music, and how it was done, is a primary part of the show. The show started off with backing music from the show with the band being on a raised platform at the back of the stage, only being separated from the action by a curtain and they would often be seen throughout the performance. The aim of this performance was to entertain the audience and I believe they have done this with great success. The end of the show was met with whoops and claps of enjoyment and happiness from the entire audience. It is my belief that the audience shared and maintained a sense of excitement throughout the show, which produced an amazing atmosphere.

To conclude, the show was a great success with everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoying the show and having an amazing evening. I would recommend the show to Grease fans of all ages and I urge you, the reader, to go and see the play yourself if you are given any chance to.

** Grease runs at Wales Millennium Centre until July 29th and tickets can be purchased here: **


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