Green Fest Environmental Amateur Film Competition

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Bored? Enjoy watching/filming movies? Passionate about the environment? If any of the previous apply to you, here’s something that might interest you.

The Green Festival is running an environmental amateur and short film competition, open for anyone and everyone worldwide. The call for amateur film is open from the 24th of June until the 11th of October, for all participants, with no age limits, and every film entered will be considered if the shooting technique is completely amateur (e.g. shot on a mobile, digital camera etc.) The amateur topic for this year is ‘4 Shades of Green,’ and the best films in this section will be awarded in three age categories: under 18 years, 18 – 27, and over 27 years. For the more accomplished of you, there is also a short film category for professionals, with the topics of nature, environment, and ecology, of which the two best short films will be awarded.

I think this competition is great and could appeal to many of you CLICers out there, as, apart from the fact the films have to be amateur and about an environmental issue under the topic of ‘4 Shades of Green,’ there are absolutely no limits to this competition. For example, you could go small scale and shoot a film about how littering in your area affects and harms the local hedgehog population. Or on the other hand, you could go large and shoot a film about the air quality of cities all across the world and how it affects people’s health. You get masses of freedom on this one. Also, the amateur category means anyone can enter and get involved with this competition, plus the winner of the ‘Special City of Belgrade Award,’ wins €300 (about £260) – even more incentive to enter.

The video included is a past winning film, which focuses on the environmental problems caused by chewing gum and the littering of it.

With the closing date for entries being in October, you have the whole summer to film and edit your videos, as well as all the (hopefully) lovely weather in which to film your outdoor shots. So what are you waiting for? This is an opportunity for all you future James Camerons, Sofia Coppolas, and passionate environmentalists out there to get your hands dirty with this great, green and glorious opportunity to show Serbia and the rest of the world what you can do. Also, €300 doesn’t sound too bad a prize either…

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