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Hey, it’s xVGx M1LLZ and this is my review on Grand Theft Auto 5. I know many of you have seen reviews but I’m a true GTA fan with a passion for games.

In my opinion I think it’s one of the best games of 2013; if you have not heard of, or played the game it is about a man called Franklin who is involved with a gang but he believes he is surrounded by idiots. During one of his jobs as a Repo Man he meets a man called Michael and they band up to perform multiple heists like robbing a jewellery store to robbing banks but a friend from the past, Trevor, thinks that Michael is dead but sees him on the news and wants pay-back for him leaving him on his own before.

It is a brilliant game with a thrilling storyline.

Graphics: 8.5. Very good graphics but some graphical errors like the game fading out when speeding in a car.

Sound: 9. The game has very good sounds that are quite realistic.

Gameplay: 9. The game’s mechanics are much smoother than past GTA games – they took the cover mechanics from Max Payne 3.

Overall rating: I’d give it a 9 because it is an amazing game with a lot of potential that might inspire future games.

This has been my review of GTA V, hope you enjoyed.

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