Hangover Part II Predicted Better Than First

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My favourite subjects are movies and sport.  Movies have always been my passion,  I enjoy going to The Cinema to see the latest ‘Blockbusters’ being released into cinemas Worldwide. My All time favourite film is ‘The Hangover’, when I first saw this film when it was released in June 2009 I cracked up, with all the effects and scenes Todd Phillips the Director of ‘The Hangover’ made. The film had great actors Like Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Gannafakalkis and Justin Bartha. I am scheduled to see ‘The Hangover Part II’ soon. It was released On May 26th 2011. I was really excited when The Hangover Part II was released better than the first?  We will see when the film is released.  All the actors will be back as well as the Wolf pack too!

Look out for the review readers!


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