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Firstly, I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy Happiness Happens Day!

If you managed to read that sentence out loud, congratulations. It’s a tongue twister.

Now moving on to the point of this article, which is indeed the celebration of Happiness Happens.

Did you know that Friday the 8th of August is an annual day of happiness? So, today, you should appreciate happiness in whatever form you choose.

Happiness Happens was started back in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People. At the time it was referred to as ‘Admit You’re Happy Day’. It’s a day to celebrate the positive things in life and appreciate the happy moments you treasure.

The aim behind Happiness Happens is to recognise your own happiness, to spread joy, and to persuade people to look on the brighter side of life.

Personally I believe happiness is contagious, if you’re happy show it, tell it and share it. If someone else is happy, listen to them and share their happiness, too. And initially that is what today is all about.

Similar to the aim of Happiness Happens Day is the aim of the viral trend #100HappyDays, which is an online challenge that requires people to share a happy moment a day. Whether it be a picture of you putting your feet up after a long day of work, or a photo from an outing you went on with friends, whatever makes you happy. The aim of this challenge also is to make people appreciate the happy moments and feel better about themselves.

71% of people who try to complete this challenge have failed, because of lack of time. It’s surprising to me that 71% of people aren’t allowing themselves the time to be happy.

Do you have the time to be happy, today or any other day?

Maybe you’d like to set yourself a happiness challenge of your own, by making a note of what makes you happy rather than sharing pictures online.

But no matter how you wish to document your happiness, whether it be by photograph, by words or by memory, or whether you feel that happiness can not be documented at all because it doesn’t have the same effect. I feel it’s important to remember that happiness should never be competitive, it cannot be forced, and it’s primarily found from within. As only you can decide what makes you happy and whether you’ll acknowledge it, appreciate it and remember it regardless of whether you’re committed enough to complete a challenge documenting 100 Days of Happiness, or whether you’re more inclined to appreciate the happy moments and let them pass.

I think it’s important we acknowledge the happiness in our lives, and I believe it’s in all of our capability to allow ourselves a moment of happiness a day.

So my challenge for you, readers, is to find something that makes you happy today.

I’m happy it’s Happiness Happens Day, what are you happy about?


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