Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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(Before I begin, BethanTheBarmy wrote a fantastic review about this too, I just wanted to write one too, since I fancied writing and having a rant! Hers is much better, read that one!)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is, to so many of us, the end of an era! After 10 years and 8 films, Harry, Ron and Hermione (as well as the rest of the Wizarding world) enter into the final battle to defeat “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

Now, as so many others did, I watched all 7 films BEFORE going to see the final which translates to around 17 and a half hours of viewing to relive the magic and excitement we all felt aged 8 or 9 at the Worldwide Phenomenon Harry Potter became. Throughout the week that it took me to re-watch all 7 films I re-visited moments that I had long-forgotten. The House ghosts; Nearly Headless Nick to name a firm favourite, the flying car and the Womping Willow, Gilderoy Lockhart (That’s right, I’d completely forgotten him!) The Mandrake Roots, Pollyjuice potion, Bertie bot’s every flavour beans and not to mention all the spells – Expelliarmus, Reducto, Finite incantartum etc etc. It was truly a strange experience to watch the earlier films so many years on. I understood far more and enjoyed them all over again – until it happened. I am Martyn David, and I solemnly swear that I am HOOKED (all over again!)

“Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2” marks the end of the film franchise which has broken all records. The eight films have had a combined budget of over £1.1 billion but, without counting Part 2, have grossed over £6.3 billion back! Meaning, the films have grossed more than the 6 Star Wars’ Films and ??? put together. Read it and weep Twitards!

Now, this may shock all of you to a state of being petrified (see what I did there) but I have never read the Harry Potter Books – In fact, I have read exactly 2 lines “Harry’s scar had not pained him for 19 years. All was well.” So I knew it was all going to be fine, but I didn’t need to read the book to know that. No author would spend 7 books building a character up just to kill him *SPOILER ALERT (my condolences however to the Weasley’s – I’m thoroughly upset that Fred died.) So, the films were everything to me, I hadn’t a clue what would happen, so when I say “I waited 10 YEARS for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2” I MEAN IT!

Part one and Part two together had a budget of £250 million (the largest) and I’ve got to say that although any Potter fan will tell you the first 3 (In my case 4) films are the best, this last one is amazing. *SPOILER ALERT Hogwarts is completely ripped apart, which Emma Watson called “Strangely satisfying?”  on the BBC special “Behind the Magic” which is definitely worth watching. The body count is mounting and Harry, Ron and Hermoine still have 4 Horcruxes to find and destroy. They steal a dragon from Gringott’s Bank, Harry harasses a ghost, Ron and Hermoine re-enter the Chamber of Secrets, it’s incredible what they get away with!

Although one or two, or five things bothered me about this film it was an amazing end, and I don’t see what else they could have possibly done to say goodbye to it. It has been a milestone in every year for the last decade. I would always have the new DVD or go to see the new Harry Potter in the cinema, as my birthday is July 31st – the same as Harry Potter’s and J.K Rowling’s Birthdays. Say cheese!

I’ll quickly list what bugs me *SPOILER ALERT

1)    Harry didn’t fix the mirror.
2)    I wanted Voldermort to blow up, but no. He starts to flake and float away
3)    Harry’s “Death” where he sees Dumbledore – SO CORNY!
4)    Snape’s memory which tied up pretty much every loose end in the entire franchise! Thanks for explaining, but what a cop-out!
5)    Ron’s sudden care for the power of the Elder wand and the completely numb lack of emotion at the end of the biggest battle EVER! That goes for everyone, when Harry walks in, it doesn’t explain what happens to the Death-eaters, Hagrid is the only one that hugs him and NO-ONE congratulates him. He got a bigger applause when he first rode a broom and found Nevill’s Remembral!
6)    The Malfoy’s walk away, scott-free!

Now I’ve vented .. Mischief Managed!

Here’s what I loved *SPOILER ALRT

1)    Julie Walters (Mrs Weasley) “Not my daughter you BITCH!” Bellatrix had a better death than Voldermort if you ask me.
2)    The Ron and Hermoine kiss – it made me smile.
3)    Professor McGonigal – she really is amazing in this film, from protecting Harry to her comedy “His name is VOLDERMORT!” and “I’ve always wanted to use that spell.” which by the way, BEST. SPELL. EVER!
4)    Albus Severus Potter “What if it puts me in Slytherin?” Harry – ask it not to 😉
5)    The final shot of Harry, Ron and Hermoine, although I would have liked to see Hogwarts back to normal and Harry in action as an Aura.

I feel much better now that I’ve written all this down, even though it’s terribly disjointed and I sound like a babbiling 12 year old fan girl! Still. It’s a must-see. I took my cousin who only saw “The Philosopher’s Stone” and “The Chamber of Secrets” she still thoroughly enjoyed it (After I explained what the hell the Deathly Hallows and Horcruxes are to her!) My next mission is to read the books, because that’s really where the story is and there’s no pressure to find out what happens!

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Literally just got in from watching it with BethanTheBarmy and Toriabeth! It was great! I’m not a potterhead but I really enjoyed it. The kiss was just soppy though… then again, I’m not really the soppy lover haha. I had only seen 2 Potter films before and now I want to see them all AND read the books. Both the girls are trying to turn me into a Potterhead though! 😀 x

  2. SirClucky says:

    Thanks for helping!

    Rhys, on your reflection, you’re completely right about Ron’s personality and Harry did need to be shown about Snape. And Bethan that was nothing against JKR, I felt the film dealt with it quickly though.

    The Mirror is irrelevant, but not fixing it bugged me due to my cleanliness OCD and nothing more! xD

    Bethan, I will INDEED get onto the books and both, the Spoiler Alerts were for people who like me, have not read the books and may be reading this before seeing the last film – It’s a niche!

    Bethan, you’re right, that scene in a film is bound to be corny!

    And Rhys, great point about Neville and Draco, however it bothered me nevertheless, I HATE the Malfoys!

    Amazing end, but I want it back 🙁 xx

  3. SirClucky says:

    Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes! haha xD xx

  4. BethanTheBarmy says:

    I am officially adopting Rhys’ points as my own now.
    But yes, I was disappointed to no end at Fred’s death, but you can see why. It was really difficult for the Phelps brothers to act out, and it was upsetting as it was. I think that if they showed it as it was meant to happen then it would have been too mortifying to be a 12A, and being a kid’s film that simply isn’t allowed. 😀
    The ’19 Years Later’ scene was a bit appalling, but I expected that. It is difficult to film something which is supposed to be a well-rounded end without it looking poor, and only in the skilled writing hands of JKR could it ever work. I will say that they could have done a bit more to make them look 36! They just had slightly bigger noses…

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