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The film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is brilliant. There’s a brand new film called Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the previews look good. I think that Dumbldor comes back to help harry to kill Voldermote.  I am seeing the film this weekend and cannot wait to see it.  The new film looks kind of spooky but they are making two big parts to the film Half Blood Prince. 

The X factor went to the film opening and there was one person who was not happy. Yes its Wagner!  When Wagner went to the film opening he did not look happy at all, this was shown on X factor last week. Lets hope Wagner gets voted off the X factor next week.  His singing is terrible. Everyone dislikes Wagner,  including Harry Hill taking the mic out of him by calling him Wagbo which is half Mary Byrne and half Wagner.

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