Hawthorn’s Got Talent

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After showing that Hawthorn High School in Pontypridd has got talent, as a student from the high school appeared on the last series of X-Factor. The X-Factor contestant Tom Richards, isn’t the only one at the school who has talent. They are proving this by holding a Hawthorn’s Got Talent show, like in the hit TV show Britain”s Got Talent, anyone of any age can enter, and they can do anything.

Though it isn’t a competition, just a performance to show the talent at Hawthorn, and there isn’t a prize for anyone, lots of the students were excited about the show. The students who weren’t preforming in the show were going to watch the others perform. The show was going to be at Hawthorn High School in the school’s theatre on Friday 17th of December.

Unfortunately, due to the snow problems in Pontypridd, the school was closed on that date! Lots of students were happy that the school, like many others was closed, but this meant that the show had to be put off.

I’m sure that lots of students at the school would like the show to be arranged for another date, so that the students have a chance to show their talents to the rest of the school.

Who would like the show to be re-arranged? Leave your comments below.


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