Heavernia – The Run Away Vampire: Part 1

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“I have spent five hundred years running, hiding from what I really am. I am the world’s most dangerous creature and I am not alone. I am the only one who can protect this world from the others, but by doing so I can put everyone in danger”.

Five hundred years ago lived a girl. Her name was Heavernia. Heavernia was sixteen years old, she had long brown hair that curled at the bottom, her skin was pale and her eyes were light brown. She was a poor girl but not sad because she was in love. He was seventeen years old, rich and very handsome, his hair was sandy blonde, his eyes were green and his skin was almost white. One day he took Heavernia to the old forest and said “Heavernia, I have a secret to tell you, and you must promise not to scream.” “Why would I scream?” She asked smiling. “Because, I am not what you think, I am a Vampire. And I am so hungry.” Heavernia looked confused, and then it happened his canines enlarged and his eyes went blood red. She tried to run but he was too fast, he grabbed her and pulled back her head, and then she felt his teeth pierce her skin.
She woke up in the village, it was still dark, she walked home feeling very ill. Heavernia didn’t live in a posh building like he did, she lived next to a building with her brother, her mother died giving birth to her brother, and her father was killed after stealing bread for the family. “Heavernia?” her brother asked sleepily.
“Yes, it’s me” her brother coughed, he was very ill. He lied down next to her and she smelt it coming from his throat, the blood, she couldn’t help it, she thought but it didn’t work it was to late, she killed her own brother.

Andrew Coal was in school when a girl walked into his classroom, there was no point, it was last lesson, but she came in any way. She was pretty she had brown hair that was shoulder length and curly, her skin was pale and her eyes were brown. “Hi,” Andrew said to her as she sat in front of him “I’m Andrew.” She turned her head slightly and said “I’m Heather”, she didn’t say anything else, she didn’t even look at him. Andrew wasn’t paying attention, he was messing with a pen when the teacher said “Andrew, where did the harp originally come from?” “I don’t know,” he said “a harp shop?”
“That is the most…” the teacher began but Heather interrupted “A bow and arrow, the harp is the welsh instrument which was created when a hunter plucked the string and it made a sound.” The teacher nodded and looked shocked and annoyed at the same time. Andrew couldn’t help laughing, she was smart and pretty, full package.
After school Heather quickly grabbed her back and removed a black bottle and drank quickly. Then she ran out of the classroom, she didn’t head for the exit so Andrew followed her to see where she was going. When he followed her under the stairs she lifted up a floor board and he heard talking.
“What took you so long?” that was another girl.
“School” – Heather.
“Get in before someone see’s you.” – the mystery girl. Heather jumped through the floor board and Andrew felt confused.

Under the school Heavernia was following Jules to the tomb. Jules had short, straight blonde hair and hazel eyes, her skin was also very pale. It was very dark but they didn’t need a torch their eyes were very well developed. “Why did you decide to go to school, Heavernia? And why change your name to Heather?”
“Well,” Heavernia answered  “to answer the last question first, Heavernia is too old fashioned, and for the first question, shut up.”

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