Heavernia – The Run Away Vampire: Part 2

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Heavernia/Heather, Andrew Coal and Jules.

When they finally got to the tomb they were greeted by the rest of the coven. Alisa was asleep on top of her coffin. Alisa had white hair, green eyes and she was turned when she fell asleep in a cemetery. Fredrick was leaning against the wall of the tomb, he had red hair, brown eyes, he was tall and handsome and he was turned by his fiancee. Fredrick looked at Heavernia and gave out a sigh then handed Carlos what looked like a ten pound note. Carlos had brown hair, green eyes, he was also good looking (Well, duh, all Vampires are) and was turned when he went on a werewolf hunt. Carlos snatched the money and fell into his coffin. This was Heavernia’s family, her mother and father may have been poor but the rest of her family were rich. Her father’s wealth was taken when he married her mother, he wasn’t supposed to marry a commoner. It was odd how a lot of the younger members of her family became vampires. Jules was Heavernia’s older sister who ‘Mysteriously’ disappeared when Heavernia was ten. Fredrick was her cousin (Her father’s brothers son), Carlos also her cousin (Her father’s sisters son) Alisa was his twin sister. There was one family member missing, oh, wait, Heavernia found her. Elisabeth was sitting on the dirt floor reading ‘Wuthering Heights’, she was Heavernia’s half sister (Her father was married before he met her mother, this was his first wife’s child) she had the classic vampire look. long, silky black hair, sparkling golden eyes and paper white skin. Then she realised what Fredrick had just done “Why did you just give him money?” Fredrick hesitated then said “We had a bet. I bet that you would end up walking in the sunlight and burning and he bet you wouldn’t.”

“Oh my god” Heavernia said quickly” Luckily for Carlos they had good windows, the Sun’s ray’s could not penetrate them.” She walked to her Coffin and sat on top, her coffin was actually quite expensive, when the others found her passed out after killing her brother they brought her to the tomb and got her a nice coffin. Jules and Carlos did this as they were the only ones dead at the time. Her coffin was black with a gold trim (No Cross, I think you can work out why) and a H on it. She looked at Alisa who was still asleep on her white wood coffin, with silver trim “Alisa” Heavernia shouted making Alisa jump up and shout “What? What?” Heavernia looked at her and said “You sleep in the Coffin not on it”.

When Andrew got home he went straight onto the computer to check blueprints of the school, (He never pays attention in school but is very smart) and found no information on tunnels under the school. He didn’t understand what was going on, multiple scenarios played over in his head, one was that Heather was a murderer and planning to kill someone in the school and was using the tunnel as a quick escape, and two was that Heather was a run away from the law and the girl was her accomplice, but he didn’t care if any were true, he liked her and couldn’t explain why. She was beautiful, but it wasn’t that, she was smart but it wasn’t that, what was it?

The next day he saw Heather sitting on the stairs drinking from that black bottle again. He walked up to her “Hi” he said. “Hello” she replied. He spoke again “Can I sit here?” she nodded and he sat next to her. “What’s in that? Is it good?” Heather looked at him and smiled “It’s water” she said. He decided to ask her a question but all that came out was “Can I have some?” She hesitated and then said “No!” and then looked away. “Please” he said and then grabbed the bottle when she pulled away it opened and fell to the floor. He stared at the liquid in shock it wasn’t water this stuff was red and think. It was blood. “What the…?”
he said looking away from the drink and then he looked at her and before he could even blink she picked up the blood, cleaned up the blood with her jumper and grabbed him. She took him under the stairs and lifted the floor boards, then threw him in the hole jumping in after him. She ran faster than a speeding bullet holding him tight and then she dropped him. He looked around and he was surrounded by pale kids two boys and four girls including Heather. “Look,” said the girl with white hair “Heavernia brought a snack.” “No,” said Heather “touch him and I’ll rip your little, empty head off”
“Calm down, Heavernia,” said the blonde girl putting her hand on Heathers shoulder “We won’t touch him,” she turned to the others “Guys, sleep,” she pushed the white haired girl to a white coffin and said “the only time you don’t want to sleep is the only time you have to.” All the kids disappeared into coffins.
“Where am I? What was she talking about ‘a snack’? Who are they? What are you?”
Heather sighed and she blinked like she was holding back tears “Your in my family tomb, they are my family, they are like me, I am Heavernia. We are vampires.”

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    I think this is amazing, however I also think that the blood on the stair well was a bit fast paced and could of used a little more description and/or more explanation as to what was going on. Still loving it though.

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