Heavernia -The Run Away Vampire: Part 3

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Andrew swallowed “This is a joke right?” he looked at her, he saw no humour in her eyes “It has to be, there is no such thing as vampires.”
“I am over 500 years old, Andrew. What do you make of that?” she looked angry “I don’t breath or eat or sleep and I drink blood! What else can I be?”
Andrew swallowed again “Are you going to kill me?”
“You said they were your family?” He said making it a question.
“Yes, cousins, sister and half sister. I understand if you’re scared….” She trailed off when she saw Alisa’s coffin slowly open, she ran faster than a speeding train and sat on the coffin keeping it shut “Alisa!”
Andrew heard a moan coming from the coffin “A wot a?”
“Alisa, my cousin. The white haired one. The soon to be headless one if she doesn’t keep still” she shouted the last bit and he heard a laugh coming from another coffin. “Like I said if your scared I can blank your memory”
“I’m not scared” he heard another laugh, a deeper one “How can they hear us?” Heavernia pointed to her ear “Oh, what did you mean by ‘blank my memory’?”
Heavernia looked at him “It’s difficult to explain, everyone has psychic powers, but when you become a vampire they come to you, some have more than others, like I can read dreams.”
“I can prove it,” she pointed at a coffin “him in there, his name is Fredrick, he is asleep and he’s dreaming about… well… you don’t want to know, this is why Alisa is so annoying, she keeps falling asleep and her dreams are too… GIRLY.”
Andrew started backing away, shaking “I… I… I don’t know what to…” he didn’t finish because before he had the chance Heavernia was in front of him, her lips locked onto his. Her eyes were closed.
Heavernia heard Andrew’s heart beating faster, the only heart beat in the room. When Andrew began kissing her back she pushed away “NO!”
“What? You kissed me!”
“Not that,” she fell onto Avira’s coffin “this isn’t right. It’s forbidden you must go, Now!”
“What do you mean forbidden? It happens all the time on TV and in movies and books and stuff.”
“This is not TV or a book or film, this is real and vampires should never feel for a human, NEVER!” She felt like she would cry if that was possible.
She looked at Andrew again her eyes completely black “GO! NOW!” Andrew didn’t want to argue with her he ran as if his life depended on it, for all he knew it did.

Andrew climbed out of the hall in the floor and ran out of school not stopping to explain himself. When he got out he was confused, this was backwards. From all he knew from his ex-girlfriends’ dark romance stuff the monster was always the guy not the girl. He knew he should tell someone, but he couldn’t, that kiss changed everything. He would keep Heather’s… Heavernia’s secret safe.

Heavernia sat staring at her hands, waiting for tears that would never come. Around her, her family were climbing out of their coffins. Alisa kicked underneath her and she stood. Jules put an arm around her sisters shoulders,
“Heavernia,” she said “It’s ok, we will make sure he doesn’t tell anyone…”
“NO!” Heavernia interrupted “Let him tell someone, you can run and I will wait for them to stick a stake through my heart.”
Carlos put a hand on her shoulder “Heavernia, that’s crazy,” Heavernia looked at his face and he sighed “You love him. Heavernia, this is dangerous”
“I know,” Heavernia sighed dropping to the floor “I know.”

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    I really am enjoying this, but I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu of Twilight…

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