Heavernia-The Run Away Vampire Part 4

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Andrew went to school the next day he looked everywhere for Heavernia but couldn’t find her anywhere. At break and lunch he waited by the stairs but she didn’t show up. He needed to see her, needed to talk to her. Did she leave? Did she and her family pack up and leave? Or did she leave her family and leave herself? Only one way to find out. He looked to see if anyone was looking, when the coast was clear he lifted the floor board and jumped in. He couldn’t see, he started feeling his way forward and then he saw a little light. He ran to the room with one burning candle. Was that candle there yesterday? He didn’t care, he looked around the room, the coffins were still there, but he couldn’t see any kids…Vampires. He didn’t want to open a coffin not knowing which one was hers, he guessed it was the one with H written on it but someone else down here could have a name that start’s with H. He sat down in front of it and shivered, it was freezing down here. Do vampires feel the cold? Probably not. He sighed and then heard a door open behind him, he was right, it was Heavernia’s coffin.

“Andrew,” she gasped “are you crazy? Do you have a death wish? What are you doing here?”
“I needed to see you again…”
She cut him off “You’ve seen me now…”
Another coffin opened and the boy with brown hair said “Wow, he returns. It’s a little creepy being in love with a dead girl”
Then the black haired girl came out of her coffin “He kissed a dead girl”
Then the white haired one…Alisa “Actually a dead girl kissed him.”
The brown haired boy again “That’s new.”
Heavernia climbed out of the coffin and started shouting at them to go back to sleep. When everyone was back in she looked at Andrew;
“Why? Why did you come back here?”
“I had to see you” he stared back at her taking in her every feature.
“Oh, no we can’t. I haven’t…” she was cut off by a small voice behind them.
“Heavernia? Who is he? Can I see him?” the voice was of a young girl. Slow and quiet.
“Yes,” that was a young boy “I also wish to see him.”
“Denion? Aria? You have awaken, but how? You can only awake when the other…?” She turned to Andrew again. “No, you can’t be. A human? He can’t be the other link.”
The young girl spoke again “Let us see him.”
Heavernia nodded and stepped aside behind her stood two young children, a boy and a girl. At least five years old. The girl had pitch black hair that was curled and was down to her knees, her eyes were bright green, they seemed to shine like stars. The boy’s hair was also black but not as dark as the girl’s. His hair was long for a boy, it was almost at his shoulders, his eyes were the same shining green. They spoke again.
“Do you think, sister?” asked the boy turning to the girl.
“I believe so, brother.” the girl.
“We must see” the boy again. The girl nodded and grabbed hold of Heavernia’s hand and the boy took hold of Andrews hand. Then they held each others hands and closed their eyes. Heavernia’s eyes began to close and so did Andrews. Then, all of a sudden, the children’s hands got bigger and they started growing taller and taller getting older and older. Looking more and more different until they stopped. Heavernia and Andrew collapsed to the floor and opened their eyes to see the two children-not children anymore-no longer five years old, they were at least fifteen years. They aged ten years in less than a minute. Andrew’s jaw dropped and tried to look away from the children to look at Heavernia who was staring at him.
Heavernia spoke “The link. The missing link.”
“We shall explain this in our chamber” the girl said her voice no longer young and innocent. Heavernia followed the children (and Andrew followed Heavernia) to an old fashioned room. Two poster beds on separate sides of the room. The wall was red and there was an old painting of a family – a man, a woman and two children. When they entered they all sat on one of the beds and the girl spoke again;
“Heavernia, you should tell him. After all you two are the links.”
Heavernia sighed as if to say I don’t want to do this. She turned to Andrew and spoke. “Denion and Aria,” she gestured to the quickly grown up children “are the children of a very powerful witch, Dania, and a very powerful warlock, Sedrick, and when they were born a group of very old vampires were going to kill them as punishment to the parents as they gave birth to them. They have the powers to save or destroy this world and the vampires had to destroy them as they also has the power to wipe us out. Dania came to us with the children and begged us to protect them. At first we refused but when the children touched me they aged five years I was the first link. We have been running from the old vampires for centuries, searching for the missing link who is one of the most important creatures on this earth. That link, Andrew, is you. The most important creatures on earth are Denion, Aria, me and you. We are linked.”

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