Heavernia – The Run Away Vampire: Part 5

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Andrew’s head was spinning he didn’t understand any of this “Wait, how are we the most important people on earth? Do you even count as a person?” He asked Heavernia.
“I do count as a person, dead people count too. We are the most important people on earth, because we have power, power that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. If something happens to one of us, well, it could be the end of the human race as we know it”.
Andrew felt his stomach flip, he couldn’t cope “Why would you care about the human race? You’re a vampire”.
Aria giggled as if she knew what Denion was going to say “Vampires need to eat too”. For that, Heavernia hit him across the head so hard that Andrew felt it, wait, he did feel it. He put his hand to the back of his head.
Aria spoke “Heavernia that hurt” she saw the confused link on Andrew’s face
“We are linked so we feel each others pain. So Heavernia just hit herself. Problem is vampires don’t feel pain unless it’s sunlight, stakes e.t.c you know the vamp stuff. So when she gets hurt it hurts us more.”
Andrew saw Heavernia’s eyes light up and then she dug her nails in her hand and Aria screamed, Denion fell to the floor holding up his hand and Andrew held his hand quickly. Denion said “Why did you have to say that sister?”
“Wait, so the times I felt weird pains when I didn’t do anything…”
“That was one of us” Denion said standing up. Andrew still felt confused after seeing two five year old children become fifteen year old teenagers. Even their clothes got bigger. He noticed Aria wearing a long, blood red dress and Denion was wearing a black jacket, white shirt and black trousers.
Aria started to speak again “You have to understand, Andrew, now that we found you, you will have to run with us. We can’t be too careful, if someone finds out what you are, they will kill you”.
Heavernia fell back on the bed and sighed “Where is he going to sleep. I’m not turning him and I’m not making my family move again”.
“You don’t have to, and we will find a place for him to sleep”.
Heavernia jumped off the bed and said “You’re crazy” then disappeared. Andrew ran into the room with the coffins to see the vamps out of their coffins, apart from one, he ran to Heavernia’s coffin not caring about the vampires staring at him.
“Heavernia, please listen to me. I don’t care if you’re dead”
“Technically, she isn’t, she is conscious” said the blonde vamp.
“Yeah, I don’t care what you are. Since that kiss, I can’t stop thinking about you, please listen. I won’t be any bother, please”.
“Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still,
Should, without eyes, see pathways to his will!” Was she quoting Shakespeare? Romeo and Juliet? He didn’t know how to reply, he just sat in front of the coffin and sighed. It was amazing how quickly he got over the vampire fact, he thought she didn’t want to talk until he felt himself being pulled in. She pulled him into the coffin that was…well…HUGE. It wasn’t a coffin at all it lead to a huge room. A secret door. Cool. The room was dark and there was a coffin down here, a black one. There was also a bed but he didn’t have time to look around because Heavernia had him against the wall and she was kissing him again. This kiss was hungry and powerful. He kissed her back and when their tongues met he had a one second worry about cutting his tongue on her fangs. Her breath was sweet and cold. It was wonderful, he didn’t want to stop. Not ever.

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