Heavernia-The Run Away Vampire: Part 6

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Heavernia pulled away and smiled at Andrew who suddenly felt tired, his legs gave way and Heavernia caught him. He fell asleep and Heavernia carried him to the bed like he was no lighter than a feather. It worked, she couldn’t believe it worked. Jules’s little experiment worked, chloroform doesn’t work on vampires but it works wonders on humans. She sat down at the end of the bed and looked at Andrews sleeping features. He’s like an angel, she though, what angel would love a demon like her?
She shook her head and started for the trap door when she noticed her hand was bleeding, cut badly. She spun around so was Andrews, “What the…?”
She heard a crash and Denion came through the trap door “Heavernia!” he had the same cut on his hand “Aria has been taken!”
“What? By who?” she asked.
“Your so called family, Alisa and Fredrick. They knocked out Jules, Carlos and Elisabeth tried to help but Alisa and Fredrick were too strong”.
Heavernia felt betrayed, her own family! She held up her hand expanding her hearing into his mind and she heard him say, they did that. She looked at Andrew then at Denion “We have to get out of here, tell the others we’re leaving and then I’ll go get Aria” she picked up Andrew and handed him to Denion who also had no problems. He’s going to be so embarrassed she thought.
When they went through the trap door, the others were just waking up. Heavernia’s hand was healing and so were her family’s wounds. Carlos had a large gash on his head, Jules’s hand was almost coming off but it was healing and Elisabeth had a sword through her chest…Where did they get a sword? Carlos helped pull it out.
Elisabeth jumped up “I swear if I see that little….” she thought about what she was going to say “…Idiot again, I will rip her stinking little head off”.
“Her?” Heavernia was confused “Alisa did that to you?” she didn’t know Alisa even knew how to use a sword.
“Obviously she watched her brother practicing” she eyed Carlos her eyes full of fire.
Carlos raised both hands “Hey, in my defence, I didn’t know she was paying attention. My own sister how could she do this to us?”
“Power?” Jules asked,
Denion shook his head “Revenge?”
Another head shake “They owe someone?” that got a nod.
“Who owes who what?” Andrew said waking up.
Note to self. More chloroform, Heavernia thought and Denion put Andrew down.

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