Heavernia – The Run Away Vampire: Part 7

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Andrew looked around the room of very angry vampires and felt a rush of fear run through him. He noticed two were missing, the white haired girl and red headed boy. He turned Denion, Aria was missing, too. “What happened? How did I get knocked out? Where is everyone?”
“Alisa and Fredrick kidnapped Aria” said the black haired one who was like the bride of Dracula.
“You weren’t knocked out” Heavernia lied “You passed out” he looked confused and Heavernia sighed “I kissed you and you passed out”
“She’s not that good a kisser. You must be a total weed” laughed Carlos.
“Carlos grow up. I’m going to save Aria” Heavernia said, looking like she was ready to rip someones head off any minute.
“I’ll come with you. I want my revenge, that little sword fighting twit” Elisabeth said her fangs enlarging and her head snapping violently to the side, a growl sounded from the back of the throat and her nails were enlarging.
Jules ran to her and put her hands on her shoulders “Lis, calm down, calm down” she started shaking her, “Calm down” she looked at Heavernia who grabbed Andrew by the arm quickly.
“What’s wrong?” Andrew asked.
“She’s going bestial Heavernia said quickly as she began squeezing his arm, and that hurt. She sounded scared, she was panicking.
Then Elisabeth started to calm down and breath. She looked at Andrew “Sorry to scare you, your lucky I didn’t go bestial, you would all be in bits right now”.
“Great” Andrew said sarcastically “Vampires go bestial, something else I have to worry about” he ended up with a slap across the head from Denion.
“Excuse me! My sister needs help, we should go…Now!” Denion was hyperventilating.
Suddenly the walls around them burst into flames. Not good.

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