Heavernia – The Run Away Vampire: Part 8

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“What’s happening?” Andrew screamed as Heavernia stood in front of Denion grabbing him by the shoulders.
Denion was shaking violently and Elisabeth and Carlos were choking.
“Denion, calm down!” Heavernia screamed “Your too powerful! We will find Aria…Alisia and Fredrick will regret taking her”.
It didn’t help, there was a loud bang and a flash of light, like thunder and lightning and then there was rain that didn’t seem to touch the flames.
Andrew was gasping and choking, he couldn’t breathe, it didn’t help that he was the only one who needed to breathe.
Heavernia put her hand to her neck and fell to the floor and so did Denion and then the fire started to die down, then when the flame was small enough Carlos and Elisabeth stomped on it.
Heavernia held Andrew as he choked, she stroked his hair not sure about what to do.
Andrew finally stopped choking and Carlos said “What was that about?”
“I guess being linked to a human isn’t so bad,” Denion said “If he didn’t choke on the flames we would all be toasted…litrilary”
“We need to save Aria” Heavernia said changing the subject, Andrew was pleased, he didn’t want to be the subject of a conversation between vampires and a…uh…what ever Denion was.
“What can I do?” Andrew asked.
“Nothing”, before Andrew could argue Heavernia said “Aria probably felt the smoke in her lungs, she must have been terrified, your the most vulnerable and you could get us all killed, if you get hurt, so do Denion, Aria and I”.
Andrew shut up and let Heavernia hold him when they thought of a plan.
He felt so weak and so stupid, being a human surrounded by monsters was terrifying but he wanted to help them but he couldn’t…but he was smart.
It came to him. A plan to save Aria without Heavernia getting hurt…but he had to do it alone; Heavernia would never let him do it.

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