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On Saturday 17th November 2012, I attended The Factory, Porth to watch an AC/DC tribute band from Aberdare called High Voltage!

I am a big fan of AC/DC so I was really looking forward to the event.

The first band that was supporting High Voltage was The Vendettas from Pontypridd. I really enjoyed their set as they played my favourite Guns ‘n’ Roses song, Sweet Child O’Mine, which the band did an excellent cover of and I was so lucky to get the drummer’s drumsticks which he threw into the crowd.

After the first band, there was a 15 minute break so the second band could set up and get all their equipment on the stage.

It was now time for the second support band called Blackbyrd from the Rhondda. I have seen this band several times and really enjoyed them every time I have seen them perform. The band is made up of three men between the ages of 29 and 34. They started their set with one of their original songs called Far Away From Here. They closed their set with a cover of Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer. I really enjoyed watching Blackbyrd even though they get better every time I see them play.

It was now time for a short break ready for the main headlining band High Voltage to set all their equipment up on the stage.

At 9.30pm, it was time. The lights went down and up on the stage, there was a shadow of the band and they blasted off with my favorite AC/DC song called It’s A Long Way To The Top. I really enjoyed their first song, as it is one of the best AC/DC songs ever.

They then performed a number of songs such as Live Wire, The Jack, and Bad Boy Boogie. After their first five songs, which led us through to 10.15pm, they had a 15 minute break to regain their energy ready for the last hour of the night.

They started the second half of their performance with the catchiest AC/DC song ever -called T.N.T – that was then followed by Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be, followed by High Voltage and then Let There Be Rock.

11.25pm came and it was time for the closing song which was Back in Black which is my favourite, and the best, AC/DC song!

Overall I enjoyed the evening and would love to see High Voltage again.

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