Hipsters, why!?

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I have always been confused with the next ‘in thing’. I don’t understand why, but I’ve never personally been interested in anything that everyone else has. I believe that if you have something which everyone else has got, it’s boring. There is no point in being like that, because at the end of the day I was brought up to be who I am – and not to be like everyone else who just fits in with the rest of the crowd. I was taught to show-off my differences and to be proud of who I am.

I’m sure all of our parents say the same thing and your own identity is encouraged, too, in hopes that one day our personalities will burst open, and their little angels will become something. (Being a slight hypocrite there, saying all parents are the same, omg… HIPSTER PARENTS! Sorry, and back to the article…)

Ever since I was a little girl I have been totally different to everyone else. From the music, clothes, hair styles, personality, favourite films and books etc.
Everyone is different, even if you seem the same as a group of people you hang out with. But I think there’s a line which is placed at the top of society, where all the annoying people are placed.
This line, is the ‘Hipster Line’.

Where Hipster was born:

I can remember the days when cute little children used to wear those ridiculously over-sized nerd glasses. Ah, I still have my first pair myself, believe it or not! I was so annoyed, I wear glasses anyway, so I couldn’t wear them like the rest of my friends did. (Cries in the corner.)
Yeah, they were pretty cool up until the day every single child in the UK had them. When year 7’s started taking their Facebook profile pictures with them on. This wouldn’t have been so bad, if they hadn’t purchased push-up bras and squeezed their undeveloped breasts together whilst making the duck face. Oh, not to mention the oranger than orange fake tans!

Thanks for reading the first of many Hipster articles! It really does cure my boredom…
I hope you enjoyed, and look forward to reading more! 😀


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