Homosexual? Pffft, That’s So Gay

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There are a lot of things I don’t understand, and I am sure there are quite a few that you don’t either. The concept of the internet, how precisely people go about inventing, and the correct use of a Rubik’s Cube are a few of my favourite things to mull over. However, there are some things I understand perfectly (like the science of catching a wild Pokemon) and some I am a little hazy on (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – I missed my chemistry lesson that week).
Now, I’d like to talk about something that you may or may not understand, but is still of crucial importance: sexuality. Let’s take it down to the bare bones a minute. Heterosexuality is widely considered to be the “normal” way to be is it not? And homosexuals are the oddballs, the queers. That appears to be the general opinion of today’s society. Then let me ask you this: Who was it that decided that heterosexuals are better people? Who told us all that homosexuality is to be frowned upon, even illegal and punishable by death? Who said that bisexuals are those who are too scared to ‘come out’ as fully gay, or are finding excuses to sleep around, or just attention-starved teenagers looking for someone to notice them? World greats such as William Shakespeare, Andy Warhol and Oscar Wilde were gay, whilst the world’s greatest villain, Adolf Hitler, was a straight man. Does that make heterosexuals worse people than homosexuals? No? Then why do gay people have such a bad reputation?
Here’s the nitty gritty. The basis for this belief is the process of reproduction. It’s important for survival, we get it, and if you’re religious you will tell me that God put us on earth for said reason. However, people don’t make up these feelings, you know. Our sexuality exists inside of us, and “God” wouldn’t have created such variety if He thought it were wrong. Sexuality isn’t a choice, it’s a given. Those who say that sexuality is a choice are almost certainly straight. Who would choose to be alienated by their friends and family? Who would decide to live a life where they are constantly asked crude questions or called disrespectful names? Some are brutally beaten, mentally scarred or even murdered because they cannot choose the one they fall in love with – who would ever choose to go through that? This world, although known for a homophobic past, is coming to realise the importance, or lack thereof, of sexuality. Homosexuals and Heterosexuals aren’t different beings. We’re all human, are we not? Just because you’ve got a gay friend that doesn’t mean he has a crush on you. If you’re as close-minded as to think so then he almost certainly doesn’t, let me tell you that. So what if you have to change for PE in the same room as a lesbian? She’s not exactly gonna sit there and admire you in your sports bra, is she? Here is the truth sunshine, the only reason the world hasn’t an even number of gay and straight people is because most homosexuals are afraid of admitting it. And can you blame them? The violence, terror, torture and trouble they are put through is more than enough to put anyone off.

The more perceptive readers will notice that I have yet to state my sexuality. I am making a point of not saying to prove that it is completely irrelevant to who I am as a person. I can guess that a lot of people reading this would expect me to be gay though, because why would a straight person stick up for such a cause? I’m right, aren’t I? Well keep guessing, my sexuality isn’t something I think people need to know when they are judging my character. I’m hardly sitting here telling you all that I’m white rather than black, because you wouldn’t judge me on something so petty. Sexuality is in the same boat. You assume someone’s sexuality and treat them different for it and you are discriminating. It is without a doubt, the most disgusting thing on this planet. Wars, extinction and diseases are all avoidable if the world wanted them to be. Discrimination is brushed under the carpet, ignored even in this day and age.
Sexual discrimination is the most common in people our age, as we’ve been taught to accept all races and religions, but society isn’t quite ready for anything else. Just like we all know a racist granny who doesn’t know any better, one day our generation will be looked upon as the homophobic grannies who were never taught equality. Do your best to make a difference: gay, straight or bi, they’re purely labels. Make sure you rid your vocabulary of words such as ‘faggot’ or ‘bender’, and, to put it bluntly, grow up and be nice!

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2 thoughts on “Homosexual? Pffft, That’s So Gay”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The title made me laugh.
    Also, I was reminded of a saying whilst reading this:
    “Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one.”

    However. as much as I enjoyed reading your views, I think you need to check a couple of your facts. One in particular; Shakespeare. Married, with three children and publicly revealed to have many female affairs, he was never actually found to have any male lovers. These assumptions are just speculations based on a few of his sonnets. So – yeah. Oscar Wilde though. One of my all-time favourite writers.

    Final thing. I think it foolish to obliterate the word faggot from your vocabulary. As we all know, the real definition of the word faggot is a bundle of sticks. It’s also a ball of meat, usually pork liver. This has always frustrated me as homosexuality has taken some really great words and turned them into words that become attached to homosexuality. The word ‘gay’; for example is a bloody brilliant word, that I’m sure we all know means happy. We can’t say it anymore as it was once used. Imagine saying to you friends that you were off home to do something gay and carefree with your friends? You’d get murdered. Which is a shame, coz gay is a great word. Fag and faggot as well. Admittidly, tehy’re not great words but the point still stands. Queer is one of the most irritating ones though. Meaning originally strange or unusual, if you call something, let’s take for example a flickering blue street lamp, queer, then you know some poor dap’ll say something like “How can a streetlamp be happy, you unusual bundle of sticks?”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I found this very interesting, but yeah… I agree with Stormer007 you do need to check over your facts and with the obliterating words… I do tend to use the word gay meaning happy in front of people I know- Fair enough they give me weird looks but still…
    Overall I do like the article. 😛

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