How can you deal with stress?

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If you are suffering from stress, try some of the following ways to calm down and chill out:

Try to make time for yourself away from your studies to wind down. For example, relaxing in a warm bubble bath, listening to soothing music and shutting out the world for a while.
Take time for your mind and body to relax. Chatting with friends, meditation, yoga or just watching a bit of telly can take the edge off.
Take time to exercise. Regular and frequent exercise is a good stress reducer.
Eat well – skipping meals will deplete your energy and leave you drained.
Talk to your family and friends. Make time to see your mates will help you unwind and let you unburden any problems.

If you have any other tips that could help during the stressful time of revision and exams, please share it with others.


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