How Important Is Ambition?

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In fear of sounding like a preacher, the importance of ambition is something I think we should all consider.

I think having an ambition is something everyone should always have. It helps focus your goals, keep you on a straight and narrow, helping you reach your final destination, changing your dreams to reality. Why should you sit back and let others live your dream; why can’t you aim to live your dream, too?

My ambition is a work in progress, so should everyone else’s be. There’s nothing better than a sense of achievement and what better achievement could there be than reaching that point in life where you can say to yourself: “I did it!”

What is it’s truest definition?
Is it based on possession?

I’m not sure.
I think not.

To have ambition,
Is to have a desire.
A desire to inspire.
It’s as rich and as rare as the bluest sapphire.
An ambition should never expire.
It’s something that comes from within oneself.
It’s something I admire.

Determination alongside ambition,
Holds the power of creation,
The creation of which is talented musicians.
Head-strong politicians.
Praised physicians.
Clever technicians.
A successful audition.
Success will come to those with desire and ambition.

Ambition is needed,
So goals are exceeded.
You can’t just sit back and expect to become the leader of the pack.
You don’t want to be the only duck that doesn’t quack.
Aspire, before you retire.
You can’t give up,
Before you’ve achieved your own golden cup.

Your passion, and your ambition,
Give you direction,
Help create your personal mission,
Create your own definition,
Have your own ambition.
One, later, you, yourself can sit back and reflect on.

Don’t give up,
Don’t lose hope.
What good is saying: “Nope”?

Get up and actively pursue your dreams,
How else do you assume you’ll reach your life’s supremes.

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