How to Interview the First Minister of Wales

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Some of you may be aware of how devolution works, but if you’re not, here’s a brief. Wales has a National Assembly which represents you, the people of Wales. The Welsh Government has control over many areas, such as our health and education systems to name a few. The home of the Assembly is the Senedd, an open glass building that sits comfortably in front of the calm waters of Cardiff Bay.

The leader of the Welsh Government is Mark Drakeford. You may not know who Mr Drakeford is, but if you follow the news you may have some understanding. Mark has served as Health, Cabinet & Finance Secretaries over the years but in 2018, he was nominated to run in the Welsh Labour Leadership contest. He went on to win the votes of the other party members and now he leads Wales, the Welsh Labour Party and the Welsh Assembly.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford

Back in December my Christmas wish came early. Well, it’s been a wish of mine for a while; getting the chance to sit down with the First Minister of Wales for an interview. I’ve always been intrigued by politics both locally and nationally and have always loved a good ol’ political debate so as you can imagine I was thrilled.

Rhondda Cynon Taf’s youth media and information website and I were fortunate to be invited down to the Senedd by Mr Drakeford’s team. We conducted the interview with the First Minister at his office which covered a series of topics that delved into his pledges to make a fairer Wales for younger people. The experience was utterly fantastic.

Brad Williams

The First Minister’s office was located two doors down from Cynon Valley representative Vikki Howells. I was familiar with the corridor as when I was a student I was lucky enough to have work experience with Vikki, but this time I felt important, I walked the corridor as a journalist.

So, how do you interview the First Minister? I prepared by researching Mark and his political career, I went in there with an understanding and knowledge of who he was, before even thinking about the types of questions I was going to ask. What pledges do they have? What are their visions? Watch other interviews of political reporters and correspondents; what language do they use? All of those factors you need to bear in mind before preparing the interview. Research and practise. Those are key.

Once you’ve researched all of the above, you need to start placing the questions in order. One of Mark’s pledges is “to build a fairer Wales for younger people.” Hold him to that. Challenge him on where the money will come from? Ask him to clarify what he means by younger people, what age groups for example. Make sure your information is correct.

Remember who the person is. What party they represent and what views they will have. They sometimes view political interviews as an opportunity to dish out their ideology to sway the viewers into thinking the same. To carry out an effective and inciteful interview, don’t be biased. Above all… BE NEUTRAL. Hope you enjoy the interview below.

Interviewee – Mark Drakeford / Interviewer – Brad Williams

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